Video Shows McDonalds Drive-Thru Nugget Attack

A video captured a 25-year-old woman in Ohio going ballistic when she couldn’t get chicken nuggets at a McDonalds drive-thru during breakfast hours. She got out of her car and started punching the employees. They fought back until they could get the window shut. But the woman didn’t give up…she then threw something at the window and broke the glass. The woman was arrested that night for the attack.


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  1. StreetJustice says:

    people like melodi sure is lucky i wasnt the one behind the counter or she would have to go home without her head…because i would have chopped it off.

  2. toobad says:

    i just feel sorry for her kid that wanted the nuggets !!!!!!!!

  3. tim says:

    trailer trash wants her nuggets…
    the judge should make her work the drive thru window at that
    mcdonalds for 6 months with NO pay…

  4. Mike says:

    I know ya’ll got some EGG MC’NUGGETS up in there…… The people have spoken.

  5. Greg says:

    There must be crack in those Ohio McNuggets because this woman is out of her mind using her elbow on bullet-proof glass. What a role model for her kid(s).

  6. cowgirl says:

    Probably had been up all night on a meth high.

  7. Tawanda says:

    She been bobbing for meth with Uncle Dad all night long… she needs Jesus.

  8. Nubbikins says:

    I get some cravings every now and then, but this chick just took it to a WHOLE nother level! What a crackhead! If I was that drive through worker, she would have been a mcnugget by the time I got through with her.

  9. StreetJustice says:

    I really feel sorry for people who say, “It’s ok. melodi probably had a bad day. she really meant no harm”. it is precisely because of such “peace-loving and forgiving” social mindset that we have such lawlessness in society. people like melodi dont deserve nothing. she is basically a piece of shit dressed in human clothings. if i were the judge, you wont be seeing her for another 40 years.

    1. Tawanda says:

      Sadly, the sentiments Street Justice refers too are exactly what has diluted and deluded our society, politics, religion and culture. Some things are just wrong, some people are just wrong and until the politically correct zombies wake up from their trance and quit marching in the I’m ok your ok parade we will never hold someone’s feet to the fire for their actions and wrong doings. Melodi will be behind wire reinforced glass getting psychiatric help and the love that our liberal assed society thinks will fix her stupid ass.

      1. C-Ham says:

        Whats the alternative?

  10. StreetJustice says:

    this cu*t is only 25 years old. can you imagine the amount of future harm and damage she’ll be causing to american society before she’s finally “put down”…in the meantime, she’ll be a bad parent setting bad examples to her kids, giving them wrong social values, going out and making enemies or generally making life miserable for those who have the misfortune to deal with her. you really think she’s going to be say, “OMG, what have i done! from today on, i swear i’ll become a good person and good mother and i’m going back to the place right now and apologize to those nice people for my outrageous behavior”. when that day comes…the sun will rise from the west. in the meantime she should be caged like a wild animal because not many people are like me…who can handle demons like melodi.

  11. Link says:

    Thats stupid why couldent she wait a little while longer for the breakfast meals to be done

  12. Larry says:

    Pretty interesting…all the news reporters where white….very rare!

  13. Edward Hills says:

    The lady went there with nuggets on her mind and when she found out that they wasn’t on the menu she couldn’t take it. So the next best thing was to take that trip.

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