Here’s what you missed Friday on the Jay Mcfarland show.

More discussion about Rick Perry and Bill White’s battle about the supposedly racial remarks White recently made. Now, Rick Perry is refusing to challenge Bill White in a debate. Should the voting public be allowed to see Perry and White debate for the governor position?

More about JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater. Jay takes your calls – Do you think he should get his job back?

More children are being left in cars in the hot summer Texas heat. Should we pass laws to make sure this doesn’t continue to happen?

And Jay continues his plan to change the perception of what is happening on the gulf coast since the oil spill. Check out our interviews from this week with business and tourism professionals in Florida and Alabama about what we can do to help out their economy.

Is President Obama moving in the right direction in regards to illegal immigration? As part of Operation: Return to Greatness, we need to protect the value of our citizenship, and that is why controlled immigration is very important.