Here’s what you missed Wednesday on the Jay Mcfarland show.

Many people think especially after yesterday’s shooting rampage that guns should be outlawed. Will crime go away? Won’t these dangerous people find another way to do their damage? Jay takes your calls about why guns are not the problem, but the people who use them.

Jay talks about how disconnected our society has become and how many people think that things are worse than they have ever been. How did people make it through the Great Depression? The World Wars? Everyone has felt low at one point or another, and it’s all about how we handle these situations that separates us. Jay plays a call from the end of yesterday’s show that revisists this issue.

On  a recent Southwest flight a flight attendant removed a 13 month old baby from her parents after the mother hit the child. Do you think her actions were appropriate? Or should we leave removal like this up to the proper authorities?