Here’s what you missed Friday on the Jay Mcfarland show.

After yesterday’s low-speed police chase near downtown Dallas that ended on a runway at Love Field Airport, should we be worried about airport security? The suspect drove a truck through a fence at Love Field and continued the chase onto a runway. Are we too quick to assume these security breaches are being handled properly?

Today Jay defined “defaultism.” President Obama’s policies have created an unfriendly business environment and uncertainty for employers who would like to hire. If Bush did things one way and it did not work out, then what Obama does will work by default. Defaultism is a knee-jerk reaction to these criticisms without looking at experience, reason and/or logic to back up this criticism.

Jay shares some of your emails, instant feedback, and continues to take calls on the continuing discussion about the mosque building near Ground Zero. What do you think about it? What are the true facts that people seem to be misrepresenting?