Sixteen-year-old Kirstin Rausch has her face in the Southlake newspaper, although it wasn’t her idea. Kirstin’s parents put an ad in the paper, photo and all, saying she was offering free baby-sitting. It’s part of a novel punishment her parents came up with after Kirstin admittedly broke the house-hold curfew rules. Her dad and step-mom wanted the punishment to be some form of community service and they figured 30 hours of her time sounded about right. Kirstin is generally a pretty good kid. In fact, she’s a member of the National Honor Society at Carroll Senior High School where she begins her Junior year next week. During these last few days of summer, though, she’s been busy keeping an eye on children from about six-to-ten-years-old. For free. Her parents are screening requests for her services to make sure she’s only in safe situations.