Summer is unoficially over because today most public schools in North Texas are back in session.
The start of the new school year means more traffic around school zones. Experts recommend giving yourself more time, putting down the cell phone and not passing a bus while it has the “STOP” sign showing. Another recommendation – pay extra attention around elementary schools, since young students are not only the ones most likely to walk out in front of a car, they’re also shorter and harder to see.
Middle- and High-school students in the Burleson ISD already have the option of choosing a salad bar at lunch, and now elementary students can choose a vegetarian plate. the new option is the result of some of the district’s internal discussions. the vegetarian plate will include things like veggie wraps, pasta, cheese and hard-boiled eggs, and will cost $2.50 – the same price as the regular school lunch.
A lot of kids in Dallas County won’t be able to go to school today because they never got their required shots. From the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Service, Zachary Thompson tells 1080 KRLD that, as of just before 7 a.m. the line was already beginning to form.  On Friday, Thompson says their clinics were absolutely swamped with parents bringing their children in for last minute immunizations. Dallas public schools have made it clear no children will be permitted to attend class this year until their shots are up-to-date.