Fake Tattoos On Women's "Lower Region" A New Fashion Trend

If you haven’t even heard of “vajazzling” don’t’ worry it’s old news.

“Vatooing” is the latest trend taking genital decoration to new lows.

Vatooing isn’t permanent, it looks like a real tattoo using stencils and airbrushing.  And according to The Luxury Spot , the practice is hot, hot, hot in New York City.

It lasts for up to 10 days and costs around $115.

  • Joe


  • David Yocum

    Wow… a spider crawling out of a cobweb close to her crotch… Hmmm… she’s must not be as “HOT” as she thinks.. LOL

  • tim

    get the real thing…..not this crap

    go big or go home…

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