A Dallas man facing a 40 year sentence, slits his throat in a Dallas County Courthouse.

Minutes after a judge sentenced Marcial Anguiano to 40 years in prison, for cutting his niece with a butcher knife, he started slashing himself with a blade. [pullquote quote=”he apparently had a razor blade he had pulled out of a safety razor” credit=”Kim Leach”]Kim Leach with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department says he apparently had a razor blade he had pulled out of a safety razor.  His injuries were minor.  Despite this disruption, Leach says security measures are in place to stop inmates from bringing hazardous items in the courtroom.   Leach says Anguiano was patted down before entering the courtroom, one razor had been confiscated then, but he was able to sneak in the second one.  She calls this a rare occurrence.