Paul Finebaum, Texas Basher

paul finebaum21 Paul Finebaum, Texas Basher

Paul Finebaum has Newy all fired up about his latest Texas bashing colums! Stay tuned! He will be joining Newy at 10. This is gonna get messy.

  • Shawn

    I read both blogs and can’t see where you could consider it bashing. He called it like he saw it and it would be hard to argue what he wrote. Texas has always viewed themselves as the big dog and their enrollment numbers back that up. They did bully A&M by stating that if A&M went to the SEC, they would not schedule a game with A&M. I wish that A&M and OU would have joined forces and said fine, if you don’t play one of us, you won’t play either of us. Can you imagine a season with no A&M or OU game?

  • giles

    What a jerk. Obviously uneducated and very unprofessional

  • Sean

    The problem is A&M and OU, even if they won’t admit it, they need Texas. Texas doesn’t need them. The Pac-10 wanted Texas, not OU, the Big 10 wanted Texas, not OU or A&M. With all the articles this guy writes bashing Texas shows a serious bias and smacks of hate. I wonder how many times this guy got rejected by UT?

  • raoul

    The whiney orange failed at simple kindergarten lessons of playing nice and sharing. They never will face the reality they need the OUs and TAMUs. Maybe this is why so many of their players have issues after leaving the cozy confines of Mack Brown’s insulated program.

  • rowtyd

    PF will eat your lunch

  • willndeal

    paul looks like one of those old dudes at the peep show!

  • Big Bill

    Giles .
    Why is he a jerk??? Is it because he didn’t publish what you want to hear??? As a U.T. alumn I can objectively say the Longhorns and/or Mac-ball WIL NOT be a contender for a national championship title this year… If I’m wrong, so be it, my life will go on

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