"Voting Rights" Group Caught in Lie (Video, Audio)

voting once "Voting Rights" Group Caught in Lie (Video, Audio)A conservative group that claims to be interested in protecting your voting rights is using doctored photos in its campaign.   The project of the “King Street Patriots” is called “True the Vote.”

This raises the obvious question:  If they’re so interested in truth, why aren’t they being truthful?

Glenn W. Smith has been looking into this.  Listen:

You can see the video we’re talking about here:

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Scott Braddock

  • Ken

    Interesting video. Provocative title on your convo with Glenn, but the audio is missing. I watched the video and didn’t notice any misstatements visually or in the audio. The only thing I didn’t like about the video was the lack of names when people were talking.

    If I understand what I saw, this is a conservative response to the liberal get out the vote efforts? I heard the lady from TtheV say that she just wanted it fair, regardless of who wins. I never hear the liberals even saying such, let alone actually following thru with that belief.

    • scottbraddock

      Hi Ken,

      The audio works just fine on my end. I’ll double check it to make sure, but it seems to be working fine.

      The video is using doctored photos. Click on the words “doctored photos” in the post above or just go here to see what Glenn has written….this includes the photographic evidence:


      If these folks are so worried about truth in elections, why are they using doctored photos in their campaign. What point can they make about truthfulness when their own campaign information is purposefully misleading? I think these are legitimate questions, no matter which side (conservative or liberal) we are talking about.

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  • Carole Rogers

    Audio is fine…I can’t get the video to play. It says this is a private video.

  • KRove

    So what ? Big Deal ! Someone took expressive liberties with a photo, and posted what would be the truth if the BB was able to tell the truth.

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