Letters May Have Been Sent Directly to Grandsons

eddie bernice johnson 600x400 Letters May Have Been Sent Directly to GrandsonsApparently Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson asked for a thousand dollar scholarship from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation be sent directly to her grandsons and great-nephews, and not to their colleges.

Her Republican challenger, Pastor Stephen Broden says there needs to be some level of accountability from Johnson’s office .  “Apparently in the applications, they had to make a statement they were not related to Congresswoman Johnson or a child of a staff member.  That’s fraud.  Somebody lied there somewhere and signed that document.”

Last week Johnson acknowledged the rules were violated and she’s repaid the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation $31,000 for the scholarships.  But she had said that at the time, she did not know the rules.  Broden says that’s no excuse.  “I cannot wrap my mind around how an 18-year incumbent did not understand the rules.”

Johnson’s office is not offering comment at this time.

Click here to see the letters.

Listen to Rep. Johnson on KRLD explain her side of the issue *press play below


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  1. Robert says:

    So many are wrong and think that they are right,
    so many are crooked and see no wrong,
    so many wast and keep there hands out for more
    so many dont see the poor for looking at the rich
    so many see the rich for what they can get
    We have to vote so many out of the office but where do we start?
    Even when the Government help the poor they are in reality helping the rich for it is he who benefit in the end and who has advocates for the various groups who benefit from the various Federal Programs

  2. rickj says:

    I would like to know, whether or not this kids even went to college. If the checks were sent to them directly. FREE CASH

  3. Glenn says:

    why is everyone always focused on the “rules” for goodness sake. For anyone in the upper eschelon of ANY corporatation or governmental position there is one position to be avoided, and that is a position that will be seen as a “conflict of interests.” This country is so busy with words like “accountability” and “failsafe” but never doing it until someone kicks against the goads straight up and down integrity! It’s easy, she done wrong, REAL wrong . . stop all this talk about RULES . . . it’s a red herring! Nepotism tried to win out against good conscience . . . and . . . got found out. Show me the rules, fax me the rules, I havent ever seen the rules, did you have the rules? Shut up about the rules!

  4. OLMAN68 says:

    And you all think putting in her challenger is going to make a difference?Remember he has a Rep in front of his name on the ballot-so no change-just someone who will be spouting how God is on his side while he sends the money to his grankids etc. Dems and Rep- no difference-all crooks and liars.We get what we deserve and earn with our party votes.

  5. Wally says:

    Eddie Bernice Johnson is included in a very elite group of Dallas Residents. Don Hill, Sheila Hill, D’Angelo Lee, Paul Fielding, Yvonne Gonzalez, James Fantroy, Terri Hodge. They all got caught stealing in one form or another. I wouldn’t believe one word that came from her mouth. Now her community knows just what kind of person she actually is and can wonder what else she has stollen during her 18 years in government service.

  6. sharon says:

    There are no words to describe how despicable this story is. Does Johnson REALLY expect us to believe the she DIDN’T know the rules? When does common sense kick in? How STUPID does she think we are?!? Then there’s the fact that she seems to be willing to throw her coworkers AND her own family under the bus, all in a lame attempt to save her own butt. She shouldn’t be asked to step down. She should be fired. TODAY. And everyone involved, from her grandsons who accepted the ill-gotten money to every person who LIED on their applications, should have to pay restitution. Shame on ALL of them. And guess what? I’m not even a racist. BTW, if you haven’t listened to Anderson Cooper’s interview with her, you should. It’s VERY revealing.

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