One day after a baby died, investigators are taking a hard look at the man driving a van that crashed on I-35 in Hill County Monday. Turns out the crash was an accident, caused by a blown tire that sent the van rolling and skidding on its top for about 250  yards. A six-month-old girl died and a dozen of her relatives, all from Dallas, were hurt. The driver was Dallas resident Abel Luna who has already been treated and released from Parkland. Neighbors near Luna’s Pleasant Grove home say he often hired out his van and trailer to ferry passengers and belongings back-and-forth to Mexico. DPS troopers say they’re now looking into whether Luna, who is not related to any of his passengers, was paid to make the trip and into whether he has a commercial driver’s license that would authorize him to engage in such a business. The DPS also says the baby who died was not restrained in an infant car seat, as required by law.