Young Illegal Immigrant Risks Deportation Pushing for DREAM Act (Audio)

dream act protest 41 Young Illegal Immigrant Risks Deportation Pushing for DREAM Act (Audio)Jose Torres-Don, who entered the country illegally when he was 4, is risking deportation with his continued protests on Capitol Hill.  A judge today told him to stay away from Congressional offices on the Hill for the next 9 months. 

Torres-Don shared his story on the show.  Listen and feel free to tell me what you think in the comments.

Scott Braddock


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  1. Hector M. Flores says:

    We need to get the Dream Act passed so that many young people like Jose can go to work.

    1. Avis says:

      Are you an idiot!!! Illegals are raping our nation.

  2. Sgt. Dread says:

    Can you imagine what would happen to an American citizen should they protest at the Mexican capitol in this fashion ? the first thing you would see is the inside of a prison cell. I believe that we should demand that Mexico treat our citizens EXACTLY like they treat us,meaning, that they provide any American citizen with everthing that America provides to Illegal aliens and all American citizens have every right that a Mexican citizen has in their country. I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Melissa H says:

      You are correct Sgt. Dread not only would it happen to any American but it happens to every Mexican that attempt any type of demonstration. Mexico does not provide safety, security, or any sort of valuable benefits to any one in their country regardless of being Mexican or American.

      Avis, if illegals were raping our nation they sure are doing it for cheapest price out there. Go ahead and take their jobs for a day there is an actual program that allows you to do this and if you would like to keep that job you may.

  3. Richard Rodriguez says:

    We need to apply laws uniformly. Someone said let Jose work. How about Jose get his residence card. Sounds like he doesn’t want to be ane American citizen but be Mexican and enjoy th e benfits of citizenship without acclamating. Get with the system file your taxes but first get legal. And yes if I went to Mexico I would be arrested or kidnapped for protesting. This is beyond ridiculous!.

    1. TX_TAXPAYER says:

      Sir, we have a broken immigration system. There are only 3 ways people can obtain their paperwork in this country:

      1. Immediate family member (who is a citizen or permanent resident) petitions you

      2. An employer sponsors you

      3. Political asylum

      That means that there are millions of people who don’t fall under these three categories, including talented university graduates like Jose, that live in a limbo. We are squandering talent that we have already invested in. Let’s capitalize on this investment to make the US a stronger and more competitive country.

  4. Austin Red says:

    I’ve known Jose for some time and can attest to his leadership in advocating for the Dream Act. His passion comes with a risk of deportation, yet he’s pursuing a change in public policy for individuals like himself who came to the US illegally with their parents. It wasn’t his decision to enter into this country illegally – it was his parent’s decision. Jose, like many students advocating for the Dream Act, are good community citizens who are also a qualified and educated workforce on standby ready to contribute to our economy. Our school systems, mentors, and community leaders have invested time, money, and energy in them – let them work in America legally. I think you’ll find that these individuals’ work ethic surpasses the average American’s work ethic. I firmly believe that students like Jose should be allowed to earn their citizenship so that they can begin to contribute to the society that has afforded them the opportunity to become educated that’s the only way we will get a direct return on our investment. Deportation negates the investment.

    1. Richard Rodriguez says:

      So then let the American Citizen pay for Jose’s education. I have two kids probably lik eJose in many ways. One at A&M the other getting his MBA in accounting. We don’t qualify for pell grants or other assitance bue Jose does. Its not Jose its those of us who are duly born citizens that pay for his education. I am a latino CPA I work my ass off and it is unfair for non citizens to recewive the benefit sof educationl Hell is you are an out of state tuition student the illegal pays less for his education. Figure that out! So back to Jose many of my clients children lie about their support stating they are indpendent in order to qualify for govertnment subsidized loans that THEY don’t repay..NO in America if your illegal you shouldn’t have the benfits of cheap tuition compared to those that are born and raised here. Sorry your wrong.. If I was i living in Mexico I couldn’t even receive an education. I can tell there are educators responding so lets face it the liberal, social system agenda is speaking admit it!

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