fan milesaustin2 post The $55mil Man

Miles Austin’s new deal is set.  He signed an extension that was announced this hour before the Wade Phillips press conference and the rumor is it will be somewhere in the range of $55 million. That is right there with what Roy Williams is making, but Roy, of course, could be long gone from this team next year.

This year is uncapped, and next year there a million uncertainties with the Collective Bargaining Agreement expiration.  Probably unlikely that prorated signing bonuses would go away, but it is not etched in stone.  Austin had a breakout season last year (81-1320  11 TD’s)…and remember he did not even begin the season as a starter. [pullquote quote=”This will not make any difference in the way he competes” credit=”Jerry Jones”]

His breakout game was the record making 10 catch 250 yarder vs. KC in which he won the game with an overtime touchdown.  Some believe that was the game that turned the season for the Cowboys He was scheduled to make $3.1 million this year.  Said Austin in a quickly called presser with Jerry and Stephen: “I want to thank the Jones family, my teammates, coaches and family.  It feels great to be wanted by this team.”
Jerry-  “The way he evolved and how he has taken every aspect of his game and improved work ethic skill level and all of the things you have to think about when you make a long term commitment.  You have to look at your team and see where are your major assets.  This will not make any difference in the way he competes.”

Stephen Jones –  “It was important to get this done before the season for us.”

Austin spent about five minutes with the media and was escorted back into team meetings.

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