Homeless Man Searches For President Bush

alg bush white house Homeless Man Searches For President Bush

New information now about the homeless man who was in the Preston Hollow neighborhood…looking for President Bush.  

Dallas Police and the Secret Service are now saying the man had been knocking on doors near the home of Former President Bush,  but never made it past the security gate.  Police say the Secret Service questioned the man several streets away, determined he was not a threat, and took him back to a homeless shelter.

  • Denise

    Seriously .. was security asleep? Wow.

  • oldman68

    this is about as good of security as we had before 9-11.Guess the chickens do come home to roost.

  • RJ

    He disappeared? Better check the secret interrogation prisons…

    • David Yocum

      or Dick Cheney is water boarding him as we speak…..

  • David Yocum

    Maybe he wanted to smack him with a shoe? (as I hand him my steel toed boots)

  • Judge Bill

    Why does homeless people like the DFW area, can’t we ship them all the sunny California ?

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