fan felixjones2 post Are three running backs too many?

Are three running backs too many?  Maybe.  Felix Jones gets 8 carries on Sunday night.  Marion Barber gets 8 carries.  We often talk about how a team does not have a quarterback if they cannot decide between two.  Just wondering if Jason Garrett’s strategy of playing all three makes them all average.  Will talk about this more at 2 today on the fan.  
Rumor has it that Jay Ratliff might get fined for his “hit below the knees” on Don McNabb.  Give me a break.  His helmet his above the knee and if he gets fined, it is totally bogus. I know it is the league rule, but man have they gone overboard in protecting the QB.

Week 1 losers:  Indy, SD, Cincy, Philly, SF, Jets…anybody pick them to go to the playoffs?

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