Ever been in a noisy bar or club where the crappy house music is playing way too loud to hear yourself think, let alone talk to your friends? Well, not anymore, thanks to The Sound Bubble.

 alg social spheres1 Introducing 'The Sound Bubble'

A Scottish college student thought up of the idea. With the problem of not being able to hear friends in the pub, the only natural solution had to be was to wrap your skulls  inside a plastic helmet to eliminate background noise. (Doesn’t look awkward at all, does it?)

“[There’s] that frustrating situation of trying to catch up with a friend in a busy bar. You want to hear their news and have a proper chat, but you have to shout over the din of music, chatter and clinking glasses,” said inventor Elaine McLuskey, 23.

Some feedback from bargoers on this side of the pond says that its unfashionable design may just create more problems. Others say that people frequent bars “to pick up the opposite sex and it kinda defeats the purpose.” Just imagine asking a pretty girl if you could buy her a beer and accompany you in the 2nd bubble to the left of the restrooms to talk. Classy… or are they onto something? Now, if only they can get some of those in those Hollister stores to talk to an associate so I don’t have to scream over an old track from Jason Mraz playing just to say I need a particular shirt in a large. 

Tell us what you think. Would you advise bars and clubs to pick up a few bubbles or to stay away from the idea and leave it for the Scotts? Or vote in our poll.