Illegal Drug Use Is On Rise

heroin abuse Illegal Drug Use Is On Rise Illegal drug use is at the highest level in nearly a decade. The high rate last year was fueled by a sharp increase in marijuana use and a surge in ecstasy and methamphetamine abuse.

The government report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found marijuana use rose by 8 percent. It remains the most commonly used drug. The director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy says he is not surprised because of what he calls “eroding attitudes” about the perception of harm from illegal drugs and the growing number of states approving medicinal marijuana.

Gil Kerlikowske says he thinks all of the attention and the focus of calling marijuana medicine has sent the absolute wrong message to young people.

Mike Meno, a spokesman for the pro-legalization Marijuana Policy Project, says the survey is more proof the government’s war on marijuana has failed in spite of decades of enforcement efforts and arrests.

Cocaine abuse continues to decline.

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  1. Clif Deuvall says:


    You are not any better than the Government that was bought and paid for in the 30’s. You feed rhetoric to the masses without doing your own research, calling yourself a radio information station. How sad. Too much information is out in the masses that dispell the rhetoric that our Government, radio and T.V.stations, newspapers and of course the local authorities feed to the masses in an attempt to scare the public. The use, of Cannabis, in areas that have either approved it for Medical use, or those countries that have legalized Cannabis, have show, through research, that teen use has gone down, due to the restricted access to youth. Finland, alone, with a population the size of Houston, has only 28 youth incarserated, I know it is in the thousands in Houston. What does that tell one about the need to be proactive as opposed to punitative in our help with this problem. I wonder how many people had to have their little helper the Dr. gives them as opposed to an organic plant, that was GOD given. Since its known use in cira 2800 BC, the death toll from Cannabis related incidents and use is still zero, while tobacco takes about 800,000 per annum and alcohol is in the neighborhood of 200,000. Legal Drugs (All of those Little Helpers) reaches about 20,000 + asprin is about 500, and caffine is in the hundreds as well. There has also been people die from the intake of too much H2O (Hypohydration), but not one death from Cannabis. One can get these figures from the NIDA (our Government). Just do yourself and the rest of your audience, that hasn’t said bye, to you the truth. I’ve always accepted the truth from my students and my own children than a lie. I had a son die for the NIXON Lie that was covered up in 1975, the Shaffer Report, which stated that Cannabis had no ill effects to individuals or society and had possible medical properties. Now, we know of 5 different Cancers that it helps, one was a cancer my son, 2 months before his 30th Birthday, died from. It is now known to be a curative treatment, not just pallitive, for the cancer he had. In the future, if wanting to report the truth, try talking to the people that live this daily. Remember, reporting isn’t to be from a bias point of view, but I remember that all you want now is short and quick, not accurate reporting, and the opinion of editors, right or wrong. . If your children go to a school that introduces DARE, don’t let it continue. It is a parents responsibility to raise their own children and to introduced them to the problem with drugs, not law enforcement. I remember my 13 year old daughter, came home from school, after a DARE class last year, and ask me what getting High was. Thank goodness she ask me, and I didn’t depend on the police to continue to scare her. Most students don’t know what half of the drugs are that DARE officers shows them, as the police open the door for wonder. That’s where most of our children today gain more misinformation that from anyone. DARE is there to use those tactics and scare one’s children. The responsibility for discussing drug use of any kind, with children, is from an informed parent, not the police or schools. Parents need to stop letting the school districts raise their children. They are there to teach math, science, history, government, economics etc, not drugs, that type of research is for college students. I could have a reasonable discussion about this, but I’ve had more reporters waste my time with interviews and not use the information, because it wasn’t what they wanted to hear. It is called the truth. I guess they wanted me to say I thought everyone should be able to use it. Any Drug can be abused, and it isn’t for irresponsible and underage use. Know what NORML is about before you slam them and Willie Nelson, whom has done more for Texas, than the caller that complained about him has probably ever tried to do for this great state. If I’m not credable enough, call office Nick Nevello from the Dallas Police Force, he is always a good resource and is an officer of the law. Just do the people of Texas a favor and stick with what you know, stop the bias journalism. Oh yea, I forgot you’re part of CBS, no wonder you’re so bias in your reporting, just like FOX, quick and full of holes. Remember, there are some people, with the knowledge base, that would be glad to help you report the news correctly. Although one might think due to my affiliation with NORML, I’m a bias individual. Wrong, I just deplore the spread of ignorance

    Thank you for your time, but not for your scare tactics,
    Clif Deuvall
    Founder Executive Director
    NORML of Waco Inc.
    100% Disabled American Veteran
    Texas Senate Commendated “Teacher of the Year”
    2001-2002, A.J. Moore Academy, Waco, Tx.

  2. oldman68 says:

    Till the money is taken out of the equation-no laws are going to passed making any sense of our drug laws.Too many of our so called leaders and police have got their hands in the cookie jar.Take away the incentive to be crooked and see how quick many of these people(leaders) change their tune.

    1. Tawanda says:

      Among the highest on the list of those that do not want to legalize marijuana are the people who profit from the black market sales of it, and I don’t just mean your friendly local drug dealer. Lot’s of folks getting palms greased from Big Brother all the way down. These guys are not the same as the dealers of our youth… the same guy you get your weed from can introduce you to other things, much more dangerous and addictive. I cannot understand why the government and our people would not want more control of how it is distributed, who it is distributed by and who is able to buy it.

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