tonyromo2 post A miserable day at Cowboys Stadium

So you are supposed to be one of the Super Bowl favorites and your two touchdowns today come from rookies.  Really?  What a miserable day it was today at Cowboys Stadium, which in my estimation featured about 30,000 Bears fans.  There were times when you were not sure who the home team was.

From the locker room, Tony Romo:   “We have got to do things better and we need to figure it out in a a hurry.”  Understatement of the day.

Jerry Jones:  “I’m mad, I’m uset I’m very frustrated and extremely disappointed.”

And I am wrong when I said it was a must win?

Cutler was better than Romo…….21/29  277 yards and 3 TD’s.

Romo  34/51  374 and 1 TD with 2 picks.

Running game?  non existent –  36 total yards….and get this…….1 yard in the second half.   Yep, one yard.

Mike Jenkins told me in the locker room after the game that his bruised knee is going to be okay.  Otherwise, there were not many people talking.  Miles Austin bolted.  Jason Witten did not talk.  Gerald Sensabaugh at least said “Yea I feel like I’m 0-2 and it is one bad feeling.”

There you go.  A team in disarray at 0-2.

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