Bears vs Cowboys: First Half Scoring

dezbryant post Bears vs Cowboys: First Half Scoring

1st Quarter:
Chicago Field Goal – 38-yarder by Robbie Gould.  7:31 Time Remaining. (4 plays, 3 yards. Time of Drive: 2:34).

Dallas Touchdown – 62-yard punt return by Dez Bryant.   (David Buehler extra point is good). 2:44 Time Remaining.
Chicago Touchdown – 39-yard pass from Jay Cutler to Greg Olsen.   (Robbie Gould extra point is good). 1:09 Time Remaining. (3 plays, 58 yards. Time of Drive: 1:35).

2nd Quarter:
Dallas Touchdown – 1-yard pass from Tony Romo to Chris Gronkowski.   (David Buehler extra point is good). 8:16 Time Remaining. (13 plays, 73 yards. Time of Drive: 7:53).
Chicago Touchdown – 9-yard pass from Jay Cutler to Devin Hester.   (Robbie Gould extra point is good). 3:38 Time Remaining. (6 plays, 74 yards. Time of Drive: 4:38).
Chicago Field Goal – 40-yarder by Robbie Gould.  0:20 Time Remaining. (9 plays, 25 yards. Time of Drive: 1:19).

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  • jeff

    are the cowboys playing on the road?sure sounds like lots of bears fans at jerry world,wtf?

  • jeff

    yeah decoy roy,way to hold on to the ball,you friggin loser!!!

  • jeff

    hey jerry,did you like those 3 super bowls jimmy won for you,i hope so,i hope so very much cause you will never ever win one running the whole show,

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