Clerk Arrested In 8-Liner Machine Raid

rezene Clerk Arrested In 8 Liner Machine Raid

Arlington police have seized gambling devices in a raid on a convenience store.  Lieutenant Jerry Hataway tells KRLD the raid happened at the Texaco Food Mart on East Pioneer Parkway last week after an undercover officer played a dollar and won $700. Hataway says they arrested an employee, Rezene Solomon Haile, and seized four 8-liner machines. He says most of their complaints come from people who lose their entire paychecks playing the machines.


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  1. datlow says:

    did they beat him up

  2. LA TRUCHA says:

    Come on guys like if you all dont know wants going on…??? this guy you send was lucky and he WON!!! all this people who are complaing are sore looseress!!!!!! have than complain to the texas lottery commission GOV PERRY no such thing Right!!! let this people continue with there buisness and shut up!!!!! you go there and smoke ur cigs but when u lose you bitch!! looks to me like you need to get a job to make money…or dont go there no more you Sore Loosers!!!! Ever been to VEGAS!!! WHO YOU GONNA BITCH THERE AT???YOU ALL NEED T STAY HOME

  3. Jim Bennett says:

    When gambling in TX comes up , people get all up in arms to protect citizens from the sins of gambling. Yet, parlors full of unregulated 8-liners operate openly, preying on the poor, making their owners rich. Pull your head out of the sand. Legalize gambling, regulate the industry, and colect the taxes or make these machines illegal.

  4. Tom says:

    I bet if they had won they would not have complained about the machines! Once again, the idiots want all the benefits without any of the risk. Place your bets, take your chances! I am for legal gambling, our government can not run a gambling joint any more sleazy and crooked then the Indian casino’s to the north!!! And La Trucha, please get someone with a grasp of english and grammer to proof read your comments please.

  5. oldman68 says:

    Bet the 700 dollars the ole boy won probably was split up among all the ‘heros’ saving us from these nasty criminals.Oh we don’t know where it went to.Such BS-every day the Lotto goes on everyone says its ok as long as the state and their cronies who run the Lotto get their share.Legal-schmegal.

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