Cowboys Fans react to loss


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  1. Bonham says:

    Poor fans! Alas poor Jimmy I knew him well.

  2. Larry says:

    Somebody tell Jerry there is a mailbox near Loop 12/Ledbetter and I35 that reads: “Villenueva”. That guy may be the last survivor of what Jerry THOUGHT he was going to get by cutting the placekicker position from his roster to give himself another slot.
    Now HERE is the question…….EXACTLY WHO did he pick up with that extra position?? And don’t say “Flagboy/right tackle”, either!
    Now let me get all of this straight……we are “making” a field goal kicker out of a kickoff specialist, signed THE most penalized player in the NFL to play with one of the highest penalized teams in the league, dropped our #3 receiver for a guy who is no longer contributing at the position and didn’t see a need in the draft to pick up either a high round offensive lineman or safety…………..and also didn’t see need to sign a proven vet at any of these “need positios”??
    Jerry, you DID learn everything you know from Al Davis, didn’t you?? Own teams and build stadiums but leave the football decisions to somebody that knows what the heck is going on! Your ” Cabboy Fans” are getting restless!

  3. Big Bob says:

    Yo Armen, I need a hug too man. You got one for me?

  4. KT says:

    There is no leadership on this team, not in coaching, not on offense, not on defense.

    Until a leader takes charge on all sides of the ball they will continue to fail.

  5. Patrick says:

    I am Bear fan, lived and grew up in Chicago, but have lived in Dallas for the past twenty five years. Every year since the Cowboys won the super bowl the fans, reporters, analyst say the cowboys are going to the super bowl. The cowboys are over hyped and overrated. Year after year this same team is going all the way, but in reality maybe it is not the coaches, maybe this team is not as talented as it thinks it is.

  6. BigBody says:

    Eff’n Cowboys…

    Armen, dye your hair red, and slap on a green bowler hat, and you’re dead-on for a leprechaun!

  7. jeff says:


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