BYE…. Bye Wade?

Rumor – Cowboys on the verge of firing Wade Phillips

wadephillips1 BYE.... Bye Wade?

Written by Kevin Lee
on September 22, 2010

UPDATE – 2pm EST – Jon Gruden has a clause in his MNF contract that won’t allow him to leave his analyst position to take the Cowboys HC position if Phillips was fired.  As well, Tony Dungee has gone on record as saying he won’t coach this year.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who follows the NFL that Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips is on a short leash.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has gone on the record saying that the 0-2 start is “quite a setback” for the organization.  

Word now comes from two great sources close to the organization that Jones is gauging interest from a few former NFL head coaches currently working on TV networks.  CBS in-studio analyst Bill Cowher is Jones number one choice to replace Phillips.  His second choice is NFL Network/Fox analyst Brian Billick.  Both Cowher and Billick have Super Bowl rings, something Jones really wants to have when it comes to who will be leading his struggling team.

Many feel the players have tuned out Phillips and last Friday was a clear example of how this situation continues to snowball.  Phillips got into details on Monday about Friday’s practice.  “Do I think it could be better? Sure,” Phillips said.  “Do I think we had a bad practice Friday? Yes, we told them that in the meeting. We went back over it and said, ‘Hey, we didn’t practice well enough.’”  How does the same thing occur that has happened over the past two years under Phillips watch?  Enough is enough and now is the time for Jones to pull the plug on him.  It’s plain to see that the team has no identity and have tuned out Phillips.

I am told that if the Cowboys lose to the Houston Texans on Sunday that Jones won’t hesitate in firing Phillips.  Two other possible candidates that have surfaced are Marty Schottenheimer and Steve Mariucci.  Schottenheimer who last patrolled the sidelines for San Diego back in 2006-07, was fired by the Chargers in February of 2007.  His 5-13 playoff record is definitely not appealing.  While Mariucci has a 3-4 playoff record, he hasn’t coached since the 2005 season after a three year stint in Detroit.

Regardless, of what happens in Houston this Sunday, Jones needs to fire Phillips if he hopes to have his team in the playoffs come January.  I for one truly believe one of the 4 names I have mentioned will be wearing that Star on their hat come early next week.

More to come as the week unfolds.  I can be contacted at anytime.


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  1. Brandon Timmins says:

    I will believe it when I see it. And why is Jason Garrett not on the list to get fired???? And who are those two that are talking????? Not sure about this one!

    1. The Truth Is says:

      I don’t know who is more senile, Jerry or Wade. Their decisions seem questionable. The players seem to lack discipline , something which is attributable to :soft: coaching.

      No coaching change? Delusional.

      Jon Gruden is the guy Dallas desperately needs as their coach. He is the only one that Jerry will actually find satisfying. The “wussy” play and silly penalties will go away with Gruden’s dedication and sideline demeanor. Wade’s “lost child in the woods” sideline look being replaced by a sideline smirk-scowl would be a welcome change in Dallas!

  2. Dirt says:

    Sure is fun watching Cowboys fans come to grip that their players just aren’t that good. Blame the head coach all you want but this team is going nowhere but to the bottom half of their division. No way Cowher is going to put up with Jones and the other three won’t get you to the Super Bowl either. Have fun Cowboy fans!

    PS: Funny how Jason Garrett gets away with bad play calling year after year. I guess one great first year buys you many more in the future.

  3. Leo says:

    First off, I don’t believe for a second that wade phillips will get the boot. Now, if the cowboys are something like 0-4 then maybe he deserves it. Cut the guy some slack. He’s won 2 division titles out of 3 years. You can’t automaticly discount that stat Mr. Lee. Theres plenty of blame to go around and yes even if it does ultimatly fall on Wade’s shoulders it would be season suicide to fire wade. That would create such a distraction that who know’s what could happen. The Cowboys players are the ones on the field, so let’s hope they produce this Sunday, for everyone sake.

  4. Noel says:

    Cowher makes sense because he can manage the 3-4 defense.
    I am still a Jason Garrett supporter.

  5. William Fronefield says:

    If this is true, GO TEXANS!!!!

  6. Tom says:

    This is something that needs to be done. Everyone is talking mid-season, but it is just the beginning. I say take a chance and make the change. And I can only hope it would be Cowher.

  7. BigBody says:

    Jagger’s a hack, always has been…good job G-Bags!!!

  8. Jesse S. says:

    If Billick is the new coach who will run the defense? I think Billick could definately impact this team with a football intellect, leadership, and smash mouth attitude. I’m not seeing Cowher here at all.

  9. WadePhillipsSux says:


    Follow me on twitter for updates on Wade Phillips’ ineptitude –

  10. Michael W says:

    The Cowboys will be fine… and Wade Phillips isn’t going anywhere. People need to stop overreacting.

    1. WadePhillipsSux says:

      That you, Wade?

  11. Todd says:

    you guys have to be kidding me putting this on the air. you should be ashamed.

    You have access to Brad Sham, Mickey Spagnola, all of the dfw media and the best analyst in the business Babe Laufenberg…..and you put this guy on?

    You should definitely be ashamed. If you ever want to stop being the 3rd best sports station in the area, not allowing random bloggers looking for attention on the air would be a good place to start.

  12. Joe Dan says:

    Oh please, please, please

  13. Drew says:

    The writer of this article must be a moron to think a currently unemployed head coach is going to step into a head coaching job in the middle of a season, when he hasn’t had time to hire his own staff, bring in his offensive system, and defensive system, adapt the roster to bring in his guys to fit his system. Neither Schottenheimer, Mariucci, Billick, nor Cowher, will take this job in the middle of a season. The writer should be fired for lack of common sense. What a moron.

  14. Bobby Jones says:

    These stories are just BS… things to get you to their site. There’s NO meat in this sandwich…

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