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Dallas City Council Says OK To Record Tax Hike

dallascity dl Dallas City Council Says OK To Record Tax Hike The Dallas City Council approves a property tax hike of 6.5%.

The  Council voted 8-7  to raise the rate 6.5%.  Mayor Tom Leppert once again said he was  against the increase, especially in these poor economic times.  The tax increase is the largest in 20 years.  The money,  expected to bring in an extra $40 million for the city, will fund street maintenance as well as  park upkeep and  recreation center programs.


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  1. Dawn Morgan says:

    And just where am I going to get a 6.5% raise to pay for this hike. Between the City of Dallas and Collin county you have just priced me out of my beloved home. I am going to sell and start renting again. This is unbelievable. I have to live and budget within my means and what I bring home. This city is out of control.

  2. DallasResident says:

    Great. Looks like the Mayor didn’t have any pull. Time’s like these and the up our taxes, un fricken believeable.

  3. Bbbbbb T C says:

    Well looks like the people w/ the money will leave Dallas and go to the ‘ burbs ‘ and dallas will soon look like Detroit, or DC!! Tax them more , more, more …. you fools

  4. North Dallas Resident says:

    Well I hope the City Council members remember who they are when it comes to re-election time. And if I can in anyway help them not get re-elected I am there. Time to start is now. Anytime they can send 20 police officers to one poor guy on the ground they are “OVER’ manned. We have alot of city “workers” out there with their hands in their pockets.

  5. North Dallas Resident says:

    Let’s see the names and area that voted for this raise.

  6. Tom says:

    The City of Dallas city council is a bunch of inept, bumbling buffoons. The monkey cage at the zoo slings less crap, gets more done and is generally smarter and more ethical than these idiots. Why do these idiots never maintain a budget and live within the citizens means? If I practiced the same money habits as these and other government morons I would be in jail!!! Its time to vote these idiots out!

  7. North Dallas Resident says:

    You think they will show us where on the parks and streets they are going to spend 40 million dollars? From what they are says it is all going to: ” will fund street maintenance as well as park upkeep and recreation center programs.” And if you believe that I have Garage Sale Permits for sale at $50 each. This maybe another city in Texas where they need to look at our City Fathers.

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