joe avezzano locker room thumb 200x118 Dear Ines Sainz...

Joe Avezzano Would Like to See You in the Locker Room. Tonight.

Hey you. Over there. Yeah, you. The chick with the hair and the lips and the things and the big, bodacious, bountiful booty.

What if you could get into an NFL locker room with your brains instead of your beauty? Interested?

If so, no better place to start than Football 101 and no better tutor than former Dallas Cowboys’ assistant coach Joe Avezzano. Ladies Locker Room – which kicks off tonight at Studio Movie Grill in Dallas (75 and Royal) – is for Ines Sainz and every woman who is curious about football but too intimidated to ask.

Here’s the deal: In general, us guys don’t like our chicks knowing about sports. Sorry, but that’s the truth. Likewise, we promise not to butt in when y’all are on the edge of your couch watching one of those 12 faux-reality shows set in, of all places, New Joisey.

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