Katy Perry Too Hot For Elmo

kperry sesamest Katy Perry Too Hot For Elmo Too hot for Sesame Street. The producers of that show have pulled a duet between Katy Perry and Elmo after viewer complaints that Katy’s dress was a little too revealing for the show — specifically….that it was too low-cut.  Among the parental comments: They’re going to have to rename Sesame Street “Cleavage Avenue.”

What do you think? Too hot for TV?

  • Duckman

    Kids young enough to watch this show are being raised by parents young enough to dress like that, so I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • Joan

    I can’t beieve they had that skanky woman on the show to begin with. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that no one working on a show for young children saw anything wrong with Katy Perry’s wardrobe. The entertainment industry is so out of touch with mainstream American values. It isn’t that they don’t understand traditional values, they just try to push their own value system onto us.

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  • rml

    It IS too risque for Sesame Street! Keep is “G” for the kids, please.

  • Penny

    I am sure the wardrobe people dressed her. I would not blame HER – but I agree it wasn’t the best outfit.

  • Andy B

    I really can not see anything wrong here. This is very very tame and there is nothing wrong in my opinion.

  • Sarah

    I second what Joan said. I’m not even sure who they were trying to appeal to with that dress. Come on, my two year old watches this show, what’s wrong with letting kids be kids as long as they can? I’ll have to fight off the crappy pop and slutty clothes soon enough, so give it a rest.

  • David

    Seems like Sesame street is turning into MTV

  • Mark

    I’m not an old prude or anything but I agree with the comment that let’s let kids be kids for awhile. In this age of instant access to anything everywhere, there should at least be a few places where we don’t have to push them to grow up so quickly. What do they do for an encore?

  • patysmith

    It’s funny because i saw the this video before the story came out, and I was thinking it was too much cleavage for Sesame Street. Besides, Katie Perry really shouldn’t be role model for children… It wasn’t a good idea in general.By the way I found a website that give you prizes for your opinions here is the topic about Katie:

  • Mom

    Keep kids- kids as long as possible, keep clothing like this OFF my children’s TV. I will have to fight that battle soon enough. What next? Diaper thongs??? Who is responsible for this anyway?? I will tell sponsors that if they continue to push this, their product will not be added to my shopping list!!!!! Shame, Shame!!!!!!!!!

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