Mad As Heck About Hidden Airline Fees

83859496 Mad As Heck About Hidden Airline FeesThere are airline fees for faster boarding privileges, checked bags and, of course, the bags. Many of them are in the category of “hidden fees” — and three advocacy groups of travel agencies and passengers want more transparency.

The “Mad As Hell About Hidden Fees” web site has launched a petition drive asking for full disclosure about fees so passengers and travel agents will have an easier time comparing costs. The plan is to have a petition delivered to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today to force the disclosure of all fees. The Air Transport Association, which represents the airline industry, says the transparency in question already exists.

The petition drive’s being sponsored by the Business Travel Coalition, the Consumer Travel Alliance and the American Society of Travel Agents. For more information, click here.

  • Robert

    its a simple fix, take other transportation. they need to feel the squeeze from customers…when they realize they have run there customers off one by one,,they’ll change there policies…

  • Don

    Family chooses alternate modes of transportation whenever possible where we are more certain of no hidden costs. After 40 years of airline travel, I’m more than happy to join the “Mad as Hell About Hidden Fees” effort. If the airlines cannot be up front re: all fees/costs, then I’ll take my $$ elsewhere.

  • kim

    American kept my money after I couldnt take my trip. 400 bucks down the drain. Of course, Id rather walk than ever fly that airline again. That was a few years ago and I havent set foot on an AA plane since. Ive told lots of people making travel plans what I went through. They didnt fly AA either.

  • Kay

    I was raised in an era where Lying was not tolerated . Hiding these rediculous fees from th flying public is dishonest. Why not be up front and honest about what a flight is really going to cost ? Think people would rebell and stop flying ? I know that I now think long and hard before flying and think that many others are doing the same . I too am ” Mad as Hell “.

  • Kelley

    I travel by auto or take Southwest Airlines whenever possible when I have to be out-of-town for more than a few days (saves big-time luggage fees). Hope SWA’s business model teaches all the other airlines a lesson…

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