wade2 Phillips must win 'The Battle of Texas'

According to JT the Brick, Wade Phillips will be fired if the Cowboys lose to the Houston Texans this Sunday.

In a column he wrote on NBCsports, JT the Brick says:

I like Phillips and think he is a knowledgeable football coach, but owner Jerry Jones expects the Cowboys to advance to the Super Bowl in February and another loss will make that goal nearly unachievable. We are talking about the Dallas Cowboys, a franchise that has won five Super Bowls and strives for excellence each season.

Dallas mailed in the preseason and played with no sense of urgency. I was at Cowboys Stadium for their preseason game against the Oakland Raiders on Aug. 12 and it was clear the Cowboys were just going through the motions. Tony Romo spent more time this summer trying to qualify for golf’s U.S. Open than he did running the first-team offense during the month of August. Romo and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett could only manufacture one touchdown in four exhibition games and that should have been a warning sign for the regular season.

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