jwj ut ou 124 Jewish UT students want Red River Shootout date moved The 2011 Texas-Oklahoma football game falls on, October 8th, which also happens to be Yom Kippur, a day of fasting and the holiest day of the Jewish religion.

Ned Soltz, Rabbi emeritus of congregation Beth Shalom of Arlington says Christian holidays are always considered when games are scheduled.   “Had the Texas-OU game been scheduled during time for services at many of Catholic or Protestant churches in Texas, nobody would have approved it.  There would have been an outcry and an uproar.”
The students have created an online petition.   A statement on it says over ten percent of undergraduate students at the University of Texas (as well as countless alumni, season ticket holders, and other supporters) are Jewish. For them to be forced to choose between the holiest day in Judaism, and the biggest day of the year for Texas football (and the events surrounding the game) is unfair.

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