Teens Angry After Being Banned From Dance

Several Mesquite teenagers have some new dresses that didn’t get much use over the weekend because they were told to leave their home-coming dance before they even got in the door. The girls say they were shocked to be told their dress was too skimpy. CBS-11 reports that as many as 50 girls were sent home from the Mesquite High School homecoming dance on Saturday night. Chaperones said the girls wore dresses that showed too much leg and too much cleavage. Apparently, fliers went out ahead of time advising the girls they must wear modest attire to the dance. But some said they were not aware of the dress code because their dates bought the tickets.

dresses Teens Angry After Being Banned From Dance


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  1. mark patterson says:

    Not too short or anything. This is what all the teenage girls wear and God bless them for having the bodies to wear these dresses. There must be a bunch of fat, homely looking women on that panel who made the decisions. They are jealous and nothing else. Mesquite always was behind the times. Too close to Balch Springs and Peasants Grove.
    MP Oak Cliff, Dallas, Tx

  2. h. heck says:

    the length of the dresses that are about 2 to 3 inches above the knee are appropriate but any thing above the knee more than 3 inches and mid leg are too short.
    As for the cleavage problem it is hard to tell by this picture but I think that if you can see the cleavage it is too much

    1. j bright says:

      That is funny. That means the cheerleader uniform is out of compliance

  3. TERRY says:

    By this pic, I see nothing to get so bent out of shape over. I do agree that any cleavage is probably inappropriate. If the parents don’t find any thing wrong, then why should the teachers, etc. have a problem. I do feel sorry for the students, but as young adults they do need to use sound judgment. Isn’t that what schools and our parents teach?

  4. WALTER RUFF says:


    1. j bright says:

      Yes they were abused, not physically. What type of example will this have with double standards?? The photos of the dresses that did make it into the homecoming were sluttier than the dresses that got turned away.

  5. Serp says:

    Gimme a break… reminds me of my old high school–dumb dress code and guys can’t have their hair below their collars… same old fashioned thinking. Let those girls dance! There is nothing wrong with their attire!

  6. Debra R says:

    Common sense would tell you that if you are going to a school function not anything goes. I still believe in modesty, unfortunately a lot of parents don’t teach their children what that is. As I would tell my kids when they used “everyone is doing it”, doesn’t make it right.Good for the chaperones at the dance for standing up to “peer pressure”.

    1. Maria says:

      But why wasn’t it across the board. There were many photos of girls at the dance with similar attire including another girl wearing THE SAME DRESS as a girl turned away. Hypocritical officials didn’t use the same rules for everyone. I definitely don’t agree with you.

  7. R says:

    I keep a very close eye on my 14 yr old daugher and I would let her wear any of those dresses.

    1. Maria says:

      totallly agree with you, R.

  8. Debbie Bryan says:

    I went to Mesquite High in the 70s when it was really conservative in their dress code.But these dresses are about the length of our mini skirts that we got by with at school and a couple are even longer.These dresses, from what you can see in this picture, are NOT out of line for a prom. They are actually very subdued. I do hope that KRLD is not blowing it with their evidence. If these ARE some of the girls that were sent home, Mesquite High blew it.

  9. Jack says:

    Wow people, RULES are RULES and they are meant to be followed! If I were one of the chaperone’s I would have sent them home too and would NOT care how much the dresses cost. This is a HIGH SCHOOL dance meant to have fun for he kids and not some college party with skimpy revealing dresses! Hello PARENTS, this is YOUR responsibility along with your children, it is NOT the responsibility of the school to teach your kids RIGHT from WRONG. I am so sick of parents thinking the school is responsible for raising kids.. are you kidding me!

    1. althea says:

      yeah JACK!!!!! exactly!!

    2. KAB says:

      Totally correct. See whats wrong today is parents are letting their kids do what they could not do when they were younger. So know wonder why the kids today are that way. No parenting their kids about structure in life or any moral values are taught. it’s a shame because most these parents were brought up the right way. it’s called rebells. And the more parents that keep doing this (to their kids) the more kids will keep doing that. Plain and simple. Wake up People or don’t have kids…

      1. Maria says:

        And who says that being fashionable means having loose morals???? I have a daughter would wear any of the dresses shown in that photo, and she is a full time student, part time employee, hardworking and dedicated. She never swears back at me and is not out partying. Why don’t YOU wake up and see that you may be making generalizations regarding clothing. Also the officials were HYPOCRITICAL since there are photos of girls at the dance with dresses just as short and even one girl that was wearing the SAME dress as a girl that was refused entrance. What kind of “morality is that showing to our kids. That you can make up the rules but enforce them differently depending on who you are? You don’t have any right to judge.

      2. p says:

        omg kab go to sleep and shut up

    3. j bright says:

      Problem is the rules were left up to interpretation. “dress must be modest, not too short or too much cleavage.” The problem is what is TOO SHORT FOR YOU is TOO LONG FOR ME. Unfortunately they need to put measurements on the dress code. Looking at the photos of the dresses that made it into the dance I see a BIG problem for the school. Why is the dance dress code NOT posted in the dress code policies of the school?

      1. tdjazz says:


    4. p says:

      i think these girls are beautiful. the school board should throw these girls a dance of there own and no one ask them to raise these girls. i think jack should chaperone the dance i live in fl and thank god these girls have good standards and awsome parents. girls wear your dresses to school and protest!!!!

  10. Felicity says:

    The school is doing a good job helping to instill respect for self by enforcing the dress code. I think, though, that the code should have been more widely publicized ahead of time. Maybe the girls will get it right the next time.

  11. David Yocum says:

    Sounds like “Foot Loose” all over again! I can understand and appreciate the dress code rules during school hours. But this is a SOCIAL DANCE and if their parents thought it was appropriate what gives the school the right? From what I see, this is VERY MILD compared to some stuff these kids wear on an everyday occasion!

  12. C says:

    My daughter went to the dance and my wife walked her in. What these kids failed to mention is that some of the girls were appropriate but they had terribe attitudes. The mothers of the girls and some of the girls pictured here were cursing at the Police Officers b/c their friends who were inappropriate were not let in. The police had to ask mothers and daughters to leave b/c they made such a scene. Innapropriate dresswear and/or cursing at teachers and police will get you kicked out of a SCHOOL FUNCTION.

    1. Ann says:

      Thanks C- there is ALWAYS more to the story than we get. The kids were warned up front. Blatent disregard for the rules to attend plus disrespect for teachers and police SHOULD get them kicked out of the dance. Girls- Get some self esteem and take some pride in yourself and you won’t have to dress like a hoochy to get attention. Be interesting. Interesting people go much farther in the world than trashy people.

    2. j bright says:

      If the dance code was enforced CORRECTLY and FAIRLY tempers would not have flared. I Blame the POOR policing of the dress code. Looking at some of the dresses that made it into the dance NONE of them SHOULD have passed inspection

  13. SF says:

    The fashion police just need to get a life! There is nothing wrong with those dresses and the charming ladies who are wearing them.

  14. E says:

    When I was in High School I was like wow look at all the fine looking girls, I wanted them to show their stuff. But as a parent I have grown up to be a real adult. I rather not want to expose my kids to this behavior. There are to many predators that are in school and on the streets looking for a way in. So for the safety of the school it was justifiable.

  15. Duckman says:

    I’ve never seen a subject where this many posts came out! The short of it (pardon the punn) is that you can tell whether it is prudeness or concern of inviting sexual advances that sets these conservative dress standards. My kids went to Mesquite schools and it wasn’t until this decade that dress codes were being enforced. But blasting them with pamplets and round-the-clock messages on cable about the dress code said nothing about functions off-campus. If they are to impose these, then from the moment the semester begins ALL dress code restrictions should be spelled out clearly. Then it is the fault of the student if anyone they bring to a function is out of code.

  16. Felicity says:

    Kudos to Mesquite HS for bringing back old school modesty. Our society could use more morality and maybe the teen pregnancy rate would go down. And how about more respect for authority. (What a novel concept!)

  17. marianne d says:

    Mesquite needs to spend more time worrying about CRIME and DRUGS and GANGS and crappy motels and let parents, parent. I see nothing wrong with these dresses.

  18. Glenn says:

    A school has several responsibilities. One is to help train students to become responsible adults. If they can’t trust their dates to share dress codes with them then that is a problem with the date.
    It is impossible to tell from that small photo if I would have agreed with the school- but that really is not important.

  19. j says:

    I was one of the girls in the photo who was asked to leave because of dress. The problem was not that there were rules it was the fact that they were very inconsistant. While they allowed some girls to go home and change, they did not allow others. They had an administrator handing girls some material to cover cleavage, but she did not offer others. They told some of us fingertip length, (which my dress was) but then told other girls to their knees. They did not send a dress code flyer home with each individual student, just to some of the people who purchased the tickets. When the tickets were purchased, they did not point out dress code they pointed out the directions. I never received a flyer because my date purchased my ticket. Other announcements that were made said “sunday wear to semiformal attire, no denim. ladies keep it modest”. Nothing in that is specific, and everybody has a different view of modesty. I have attended every homecoming and prom since I was a freshman, and some of my dresses have been a little shorterm and may have even showed more cleavage.

    1. tdjazz says:

      Dress code was posted all over the school!!!! Should have read it!!!

  20. KAB says:

    Jack you are totally correct. See whats wrong today is parents are letting their kids do what they could not do when they were younger. So know wonder why the kids today are that way. No parenting their kids about structure in life or any moral values are taught. it’s a shame because most these parents were brought up the right way. it’s called rebells. And the more parents that keep doing this (to their kids) the more kids will keep doing that. Plain and simple. Wake up People or don’t have kids…

  21. j says:

    Since a specific dress code was not given to me, I went by the dresses from the past and those dresses were never a problem. When I asked what was wrong with my dress, I did not receive a straight answer until my mom repeatedly asked. As the administrator walked away from my mother and I, he turned around and said “her top”. When I fixed my top just as the administrator had helped other girls, I went back in. Then they changed it to my dress was too short. After I said you told me fingertip a minute ago, they said now it’s to the knee. There was no consistancy and the administrators did not make the best comments to us girls, or our parents either. My friends father did not enjoy having one of his daughters principals put their finger up to him like he was a child. One of the girls who were not allowed in the dance had the exact same dress as agirl who did walk in. Because of us not being able to come in, our dates couldnt either because they were doing the gentleman thing and waiting for us to get approved. Parents called the school to get a dress code, and phone calls were not returned.

  22. j says:

    It is my senior year and I worked hard for the money that I put into making my senior homecoming special and I did not even make it to the ticket booth. And just one more point to “C”, a police officer was not yelled at by any of the girls. All of us girls have the upmost respect for our SROs.

  23. j says:

    Ann- Excuse me, but I do not see myself as a “trashy” person in anyway. I have top most respect for myself, and I take pride in everything I do which is why I am standing up for what I believe in. Like I said, no SPECIFIC rules were given, they left it to our discretion. And if your a person with self esteem, then you wouldnt be referring to young teenage girls as “trashy hoochies”.

  24. Sgt.Dread says:

    Much ado about nothing !!!Those girls are perfectly dressed for any dance in DFW.

  25. kd hang says:

    Well if street walker was the theme id say go for it,Its a homecoming not a rap concert.Girls youll have plenty of time to be sluts when your adults.

  26. lovin white girls says:

    If the homecoming theme was street walkers are us…id say go for it.

  27. lovin white girls says:

    Where are all the black girls at??

  28. j bright says:

    It would be interesting to know the ethic makeup of the girls turned away. The photos of the girls that made it into the dance with the slutty dresses were African. JUST SAYING????

  29. Isabella says:

    I completely disagree with everyone on this. If I had a teenage daughter,I can guarantee you she would not set foot outside my home looking like that.
    I’m not even the type of person who is against showing some skin,but not on seventeen year-olds! This is ridiculous! The parents are upset because deep down,they are embarrassed that other adults feel their judgment in allowing their daughters to wear dresses like that,were put into question. A couple of the girls said they spent as much as a thousand dollars for their dress! REALLY!!!? What a bunch of over-privileged brats.
    Then you have young men (I’m talking 17,18,19 years old),who go to jail,and have to register as sex offenders for the rest of their life,because of “statutory rape”,on girls just like these,who dress provocatively,solely for the purpose of attracting the opposite sex to like their looks,and have sex with them,consensual,then the boys get in trouble. This kind of dress is EXACTLY what promotes sex. It’s bull. I’m not talking about real rapists,old men with young girls,I’m talking teen boys,with teen girls,just like this,and consensual sex!
    God forbid the school have some sense of moral…Goodness no! Freedom of everything is what everyone wants…and it just doesn’t work that way!
    And to be completely honest, many of these girls that are in this picture,are too large to be wearing dresses like that. I DID NOT SAY THEY WERE FAT,at all. But the fact is,that some of those girls just don’t look good in these dresses. They have some baby fat still,and/or are proportioned larger,and quite frankly,do not look good at all in their dress. Shame on their parents for allowing them to go out of the house looking like a tramp! Most of the parents actually helped to pick out the dresses,AND paid exorbitant prices…..FOR A HOMECOMING DANCE!
    So ridiculous! I laud that school for having a shred of morals and decency,and stepping up,not allowing the KIDS to dress that way. As an adult woman,thats completely different. A grown woman can chose to dress as she pleases because A-they are adults,and B-are old enough,and have enough life experience to know the potential consequences of dressing provocatively. It’s as simple as that. And once again,I did not think many of those girls looked good in the dress at all anyway. It’s like any girl or woman who isn’t tipping the scales at 250 lbs,think they can wear revealing clothing like this,and look good! WRONG! I see it all the time,with the muffin tops,etc.It looks ridiculous! Look at for instance the girl in the purple dress,the girl in the green dress,and in the video of this story on the news,you can really see how chubby many of these girls look!
    And then that UTTERLY stupid comment from one reader that says -“God bless those girls for having the bodies to wear those dresses”.- Ok,first of all,many of them DON’T.And second…God bless?!! Really?!!! No. God doesn’t give women bodies to flaunt and attract the opposite sex,ESPECIALLY at 17!!!! Everyone has become so liberal,it disgusts me. The problem is,I am right,but many people who don’t like it,poo-poo my opinion,because deep down,they know I’m right.
    Shame on the parents….they should know better,and props for the school.

    1. Valerie says:

      You’d better laud somebody else who is consistent. They let in girls with worse dresses and, in one case, the same dress was worn by another girl that one of the girls who was turned down had! Not good use of authority or judgment on the school’s part. Whether we like them or not, whether they’re too heavy, not perfect for the dress is immaterial. It’s using authority properly and consistently. This was misuse and abuse of it and shame on Mesquite! Something is terribly wrong with those in charge to allow such a double standard! Shame on those in authority, but isn’t that all too often the case? Authority will begin to lose same and maybe that’s a good thing is they can’t use it properly!


      1. Valerie says:

        And I lived near Mesquite, know the area well and can tell you that what happened is not representative of the entire area. Rather it is representative of a few bad apples who wanted to show how big they were and wield power at the wrong time and at the wrong objects!

  30. ana says:

    who cares what they’re wearing, worry more about what they DO. A slut will be a slut no matter how long her dress is.

    Besides, the only reason why dress codes even exist for girls is to keep guys from leering. Instead of telling US to cover up, why doesn’t anyone tell those guys to stop being perverts?

    1. j says:

      Well said, Ana.

  31. Karen says:

    Last year I had the opportunity to help my niece find a dress for a dance at her school, and she would not choose a dress that showed cleavage or too much leg. The dress was gorgeous – sleeveless, yes, but not at all risque! There are beautiful dresses out there that are appropriate to Mesquite High’s dress code. It seems, however, that Mesquite High did not do a good job of letting students and parents know what was expected.

    1. p says:

      well the way i see it is they did but let others in are the teachers perverts and only chose a few who dressed just like the ones that were not allowed. the school needs a dress code of who refused the girls girls are going to win take it to court or more tv

  32. j says:

    there were also white females in those photos, and black parents were also interviewed, the parents asked for their faces to not be shown

  33. your kidding me says:

    Seriously????? I mean common SERIOUSLY???? Some of you wow… What is the big deal???? I don’t see anything inappropriate. And just because some of you wouldn’t let your daughter out of the house like this…. thats YOUR daughter. You really have no right to judge, get with the times! Just cuz your daughter can’t wear makeup or stay out past 10, doesn’t mean everyone who doesn’t do exactly as you is a bad parent if they don’t have your same rules. And regardless If the school wanted very specific dress codes THEY SHOULD HAVE made it clear in a dresscode sent out before the dance… “modest” is to broad… and the rules should have been the same for ALL girls attending the dance.

  34. d in vt says:

    Part of the problem is that “too tight”, “too short”, “too revealing” are too subjective. What one person may feel is appropriate another may consider inappropriate. Were there clear guidelines set out as to what length, or neck lines would be deemed appropriate. If the photos that I see online are truly representative of what these girls wore, then I think the chaperones turned them away with out sufficient cause.

    1. Jack says:

      You know I normally don’t comment on these types of ridiculous threads however it amazes me that some people are so stupid and are actually allowed to have kids? Glenn, you are totally WRONG in your statement “A school has several responsibilities. One is to help train students to become responsible adults” what planet are YOU from dude! No where in the curriculum does it state a schools responsibly is to train YOUR kid to become a responsible adult, that my friend is the PARENTS job not the schools! So, what your saying then is if the school doesn’t “train” my kid to be a responsible adult and my kid goes and robs a bank can I sue the school for not training them correctly?

      I also HATE when people act so stupid and do several things..A.) Point the finger at someone else >> That is YOU “J” Oh but they allowed “other girls” in but not me, I didn’t get the flyer, my other dresses were shorter, blah, blah, blah!! You’re FIRED! Hey Marianne d, if you don’t think that anything is wrong with the dresses then maybe your daughter dressed in one would want to hang out with some of the college boys around town? Mark Patterson, I think I saw you on that show “to catch a predator”, hope they caught you! Terry, wow dude maybe because the attire these girls are wearing is DISTRACTING from education and creates all sorts of problems I am sure you can figure out, unless I need to spell it out for you. Walter Kudos bro.. Serp.. Age appropriate attire man… When they go to college or want to be on “girls gone wild” then have it. Debra R, Awesome couldn’t agree with you more.”R”, wow, if you let your 14 yr old wear the blue dress fifth from left I would call CPS on you if I knew you, FREAK! Debbie Bryan, perhaps you might want to take another hit.. That WAS the 70’s this is the new century and we have new CREEPS out there that prey on girls like this, especially dressed like most of them.. The ONLY one I see as appropriate is the girl in the black dress fourth from the left

      I could go on a quote everyone but this is a waste of time just as the parents are not P A R E N T I N G their KID! Bottom line is as I said, RULES ARE RULES Follow them, don’t point the finger or do what everyone else does, or play “I DIDN’T KNOW” For God’s sake take responsibility and do the RIGHT thing for crying out loud!

      Just in case you forgot, or want to say you didn’t know.. This IS a SCHOOL FUNCTION and you act appropriately as deemed.. Here are SOME rules for you people that don’t know them… There is also a code of conduct and ALL sorts of material on the internet that you can RESEARCH but maybe to LAZY to look it up!

      I am DONE with this, some parents really need SLAPPED up side the head with a 2 x 4! Kids, Act responsible, respectable, and use COMMON sense and hey try attending church, most like all the kids don’t and there lies a huge problem! GROW UP PEOPLE and deal with it!


      Inappropriate Shirt Styles
      Shirts may not have lettering of any kind (unless it is a school-approved shirt), cap sleeves or sleeveless styles, visible stripes, checks or other designs are not allowed. Shirts may not be thermal style or zippered. Tight, form-fitting or low-cut blouses are not allowed. Shirts must remain tucked in at all times.

      Capri Pants, Shorts, Skirts and Jumpers
      Dockers ® -style capri pants and knee length shorts are allowed, as long as they meet the requirements for pants (khaki, navy blue or black; flat or pleated front with belt loops; worn at the waist with a belt). Ladies may wear knee-length or longer khaki, navy blue or black skirts and jumpers. Skirts must be worn at the waist, and if the skirt has belt loops a belt must be worn. Jumpers must be worn over a standard dress-approved shirt.

      1. Jack says:


        ISABELLA … AMEN to you sister, you nailed it!

      2. j bright says:

        You say the girl in the black dress is okay by YOUR standards. That is the problem. The dress code is TOO vague and you just proved it. The adults are probably volunteers with a wide degree of opinion.

      3. j bright says:

        @ Jack, Sir you will burn in Your hell for calling me a moron.

        The girls said they also were mad because the rules seemed to have been applied unequally. Some girls were allowed in with dresses as short as or shorter than those of girls who were turned away, they said.
        “It just depended on the teacher you got,”one student said.
        Your links take you to the dress code policies and does not mention anything about dresses or you sons suit. Very NICE of you to BUY your son all those things for a High school homecoming are you going to get him a limo for the prom? must be nice. I bet he is a well respected young man.
        You remind me of the Footloose preacher.

        Our soldiers are dying in Afghanistan fighting savages that KILL women for not covering their faces in public – and yet we allow the Texas Taliban to dictate what is “modest” dress. “Modesty” is the excuse the terrorists use too. Maybe the school officials should be sent to a country where they have definite ideas about the concept and be forced to live there for a decade or two until they can learn to live in free county. These “little bin Ladens” should at the very least be fired.

        Body modesty is a social disease. The dresses these young women were wearing were totally appropriate for a dance. The administration should be ashamed.

  35. J. Scott says:

    If you are one of the girls that went to the dance, you really are too young to understand the perspectives of the rest of us. Yes, I know you are mature for your age – in the future you will know that you had a lot to learn. I knew everything in HS also. Really, I did.
    The dresses are not horribly inappropriate – but it is the respect for the rules that is missing. I know there are those that claim they “were not told” but it would be more likely that most knew of the rule and figured they would do it anyway. That’s what we did in HS.
    Well now it’s 20 years later for me – and let me tell you – I wish I would have learned more lessons on following the rules. I wish I would have been kicked out of a few places. I wish they would have enforced the rules when I wore shorts to school and they did not allow shorts. But they did not enforce the rules and I have lived a life of pushing the rules – and I can tell you – I wish someone would have enforced the rules on me earlier. Could have saved me a lot of troubles.
    And I am a corporate VP of a Fortune 200 company so do not tell judge me down too quickly. Just learn to follow the rules. Your life will go much more smoothly than if you do not.
    One last thing – 2 girls where the same dress – one is turned away and the other is not. If you are making that point repeatedly then you are either not thinking or you need to clarify your point. The same dress can look and fit very differently on 2 different girls.

  36. tdjazz says:

    Blah, blah, blah . . . . shut up already!!! The dresses were inappropriate for a school function & especially a dance. We want our schools to do so much for our kids, but we don’t want to follow rules. Thank God for a free education & God forbid MISD doesn’t do everything they can to please every single child & parent in MISD. I know kids at this school, and even they are saying this has gotten out of control. QUIT TRYING TO PUSH THE LIMITS WITH THE RULES AND JUST FOLLOW THEM. You can’t go to work & tell your bosses what you’re going to wear – you have to wear what they say you can wear (e.g. business casual, business professional, casual, etc.). Rules are in place for a reason. Thank you MISD for trying to keep our kids looking decent. God knows before the current dress code was implemented, the girls at the high school level were out of control with what they were wearing. Just take away the dances so this never happens again. Either that, or bring the dresses down to the knees or lower & absolutely no cleavage showing. That will put an end to all this foolishness!!!

    1. j bright says:

      Everyone that thinks wearing revealing clothing is going to make a slut or a bad person out of the girls is WRONG. What is going to make the girls bad are the injustices that are happening around them. Look at cheerleaders, swimmers, Tennis, Gymnastics uniforms. VERY revealing in every sense of the word. ALL of the dresses revealed LESS skin than any of the female sport attire.
      The dress code is TOO vague and you just proved it. The adults are probably volunteers with a wide degree of opinion. Who cares if the dress code was posted. The dress code flier I saw was garbage, poorly written and open to everyone’s interpretation. You CAN’T ENFORCE WHAT I THINKING. My Modest is different than your modest

      1. Jack says:

        J Bright.. YOU are a moron! Use common sense, would you let your daughter go to church in those outfits? Would you let your daughter go to ANY other functions with that outfit? If you would then you need some parenting skills. As far as the “interpretation” as to what you say is a “wide degree of opinion” is BS! It’s like having an interpretation of the Bible, take it for what it is and don’t make it more complicated than it has to be. If you pulled over by the police would you sit there and argue the “wide degree of opinion” or interpretation of the law you just broke?
        My son is attending his Homecoming this weekend. I went out and bought his suit, yes SUIT (coat, pants, tie, shirt, shoes etc) for $400.00, his dates mum $104.00, Corsage, $45.00, tickets $50.00 and will give him $100.00 for dinner that night. Deal is with my son is if he is a straight A with occasional B’s student we pay for everything. He does chores and lots of other things to earn this as well, it is not a “free ride” trust me. Here is the point, I spent about $700.00 of money that I really don’t have for a special occasion for my son and his date to attend. Before this chaos hit the internet I told him he needed to be sure to remember to be respectful, responsible, and be a gentleman. If he got into trouble or I heard any complaints no matter what he would be grounded including his car until he paid me back the $700.00. Set Boundary’s for you kid’s parents and enforce them!

        PS His dates dress; mid calf and very respectful if it was not he would NOT be going period!

        J Scott Well said ….

      2. Jack says:

        Oh yeah… J Bright….

        This statement is a joke.. REALLY?

        “Everyone that thinks wearing revealing clothing is going to make a slut or a bad person out of the girls is WRONG”

        Trust me, starting out that way will only lead to things that not wholesome and up to no good….

        It’s like saying, “Everyone that thinks just stealing a piece of gum from the store is going to make a thief or a bad person out of my kid is WRONG”

        Come on… WOW~

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