Should Josh Hamilton Have Celebrated With His Rangers' Teammates?

josh hamilton thumb 250x327 Should Josh Hamilton Have Celebrated With His Rangers' Teammates?

I appreciate Josh Hamilton. Admire him. Think he should be this year’s American League MVP.

Really I do.

But I would feel even better about him had he participated in last Saturday’s locker-room celebration in Oakland with his alcohol-drenched Rangers’ teammates.

It’s great news that yesterday Josh – who hasn’t played since fracturing three ribs on September 4 – ran full speed and took 25 swings off a tee without pain. Without him, the Rangers have zero shot in the playoffs and their fun, fruitful season will end in only an AL West banner.

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  • Sean

    This is easily one of the dumbest articles ever written. Josh clearly made the right decision and the idea that somebody thinks otherwise amazes me.

  • becky drake

    what is the difference between michael vick and others, and josh hamilton, josh chose to do the right thing therefor i admire him,

  • Joey

    I feel better about him that he didn’t participate. It would be really easy for him to slide back into his old ways, especially while he’s been on the DL. In my opinion, the fact that he (or someone else) knew better than to tempt him with alcohol says a lot about his dedication to the team.

  • kris

    I honestly cannot believe why anyone would think his decision was anything but the right decision.

  • JCR

    i read that his teammates had soda ready to drench him but he was already dressed. his teammates understand his problems so if its cool with them its cool with me

  • Jester

    He probably just snorted some coke with Warshington after the game and the got blized like pics showed him a few weeks ago. But all in JC’s name.

    • Sean

      Hey Jester, Get a life, I really feel sorry for people like you. If the best part of you day is to beat down people, good for you. Funny thing about people like you, 99.99% of the time they are miserable people that try to make themselves feel better by making incredibly stupid posts like this. By the way, the 0.01% that are not miserable peices of …, do not use a stupid screen name like Jester.

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