trinityriver dl Some Homeowners Fear Higher Taxes From Project Some longtime West Dallas residents, many quite elderly, are petrified they will have to leave their homes because of higher property taxes. Land values and taxes are expected to go up along the Trinity River because of improvements created by the city’s Trinity River Project. At City Hall they say that’s a good thing, because North Dallas has long been more prosperous and now the southern sector has a chance to share the wealth.

City staffers say they hope to manage the economic development of the Trinity River corridor while finding ways to keep life-long residents in their homes without worrying about escalating taxes. Some of the elderly are not so sure.

For example, 88-year-old Felix Lozada tells CBS-11 he’s lived in his home in the La Bajada neighborhood for nearly 50 years.¬† He raised his family there and has a lifetime of memories, but now he’s fearful his taxes will go so high he’ll have to pack up and move.