ABtastic Girl#38- Kat

119 ABtastic Girl#38  Kat

Does your girlfriend/wife/booty call have a sexy six-pack? Email her picture to richie.whitt@cbsradio.com.

218 ABtastic Girl#38  Kat

317 ABtastic Girl#38  Kat

kat2 ABtastic Girl#38  Kat

kat3 ABtastic Girl#38  Kat

kat4 ABtastic Girl#38  Kat

  • Rhyon


  • jeffburkett


  • greg

    I’m diggin the two pack up top.

    • Smokm

      Shoot me your email I got her two pack pic for ya!

  • Bonham

    Wow! She looks like fun for me n my wife!

    • Billy

      That girls on the backpage escorts

  • Smokm

    Yea that’s my girl kat from Tennessee!! No bs those are my pics!! She’s 22 & tons of fun!! Good lookin out richey

  • Bob Boso
  • http://mattposky.wordpress.com Posky

    I’m not one to get all crazy over a woman but… well, I’ll just leave it at that.

  • JCR

    nice! great funbags

  • Chris

    Are u pimping her out or something smokm?

    • Smokm

      What she does on her own time I dunno! But send me this backpage escort link I gotta see this for myself!! I got a pic I took myself!! Guess I’ll send it into richie!! I wanna see this ad so I can laugh @ her!

  • BigBody


  • Foloutsono

    you know. i saw this 1st time long time ago? and still when i m sad or have just bad day i watch it and it make my humor really better. love you pure blood girls.

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