arnie 385x1505 Ramblings of a Madman

Seems like some of you want to see how I do this week after that UCLA upset over Texas.  I’m actually picking NFL games much better.  So here we go again.

COLLEGE: 17-15

OKL ST. -3  A&M steps up in quality.  OKL ST wins by 7.

UTAH STATE+5 byu:  They showed us v. OKL.  Utah st wins.

OKL 34-16 texas.  Turn this one off at the half.  Sorry longhorn fans.  Don’t blame the messenger.  Remember I said they would lose 3 in a row.

TENN +16 lsu

ILL+7.5 ohio state.  Upset alert.

Florida +9 alabama.  Can’t pass on the points.

Iowa -7 pennst.

Wash +10 usc.  Upset alert.

Miami-3 clemson

NFL: 23-13

Titans -6.5 denver

Balt +1.5 pitt

Cinn-3 clev

GB-14.5 lions

Saints -13 carolina

Atlanta-7 49ers

Rams PK seattle

Bills+5 jets

Jacksonville +7.5 colts

Texans -3 raiders

Chargers -8 cards

WASH +6 phil.

Bears +4 giants

Miami PK patroits

Remember, picks are strictly for entertainment purposes only.