Police and City Officials Seek Solution To Gang Problems

City, school and police officials in Arlington and Mansfield have joined forces to fight a growing gang problem.  The initiative is called “Our Community, Our Kids” with a goal of identifying students who may be headed into gang membership.  The Fort Worth Star-Telegram says social service agencies will be part of the effort, along with “The YMCA” and UT-Arlington. Officials in Arlington and Mansfield say gang activity is a growing problem and many gangs include kids from middle and upper-middle class families.


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  1. Tom says:

    Identify the gang members, line ’em up, and then every tenth one shoot them as a example to the others. (This is from the Romans, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimation_(Roman_army) This florishes due to we as society are too soft. We need to get real and start dealing with this with force.

  2. Sgt.Dread says:

    It comes from individuals being too weak to stand up for them selves.The gang members(other weak ones) bring tremendous pressure upon their intended target and cooerce younger members to join them or else.No one of them has the balls to approach an individual by themselves,they rely on a gang mentality to prove that they are big men.Every tenth one seems like a good solution to me.

  3. SW says:

    1. We have have taken almost all control away from the teachers. 2. Too many parents who don’t care,unless their kid gets in trouble.And if the parents make enough money,here’s $100.00, go someplace and leave us alone..

  4. Perez says:

    We all need self reconition – Identity, this give us reason to live. A sense of value. To be label as a G M elevates value, a reason to exist. We were created to have identity, it’s our confidence and security. We are ID by the vehicle we drive, the clothes we wear, the group we associate with. When we lose this we become suicidal. The tenth concept is to force the G M to be like us or like you, normal persons. I am not siding with these disturbed little boys and girls playing the G M. We have the inter circle of the police dep, we have the foot ball gang drinking their faces off on game nite at Apple Bee’s crusing and carring on. The G M are serious about their identity they will do unbeiveable, unmoral acts, they have no reason and their reputation is their strength. Yes, it’s wrong, totally but it is what it is, people. It’s very disturbing a G M life style, it violates laws and human etics and morals. We are so disturb by this, that are begining to think and act like them. Yeah lets do away with all of them. we want to do Tenth concept cause we have no answers and our solution have all been exhuasted. This is what happens to us when God is deleted from our schools In 60’s teenage peregancy elevated a and gangs expanded. So lets keep prayed out our public schools. How can God Bless our Nation when we as adults are allowing or even considering same sex perversion and label adultery as common law. When the laws of our Nation dictates the age we can sin.18 and 21 for tabacco and alcohol. God can not Bless a Mess ! Yes us adults we the good humans and GM ( gang members ) are the bad humans. May God gives us wisdom to deal with the out of control gang issues.!

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