The NFL visited the State Fair of Texas on Monday.  Based on the well-publicized mini-theme park called “NFL Experience”, fair-goers saw a scaled-down interactive display that’s part of the National Football League’s PR efforts to create buzz leading up to Super Bowl 45 to be held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington in February.  Yesterday, fair-goers aimed footballs at large baskets or threw them through targets, ran pass patterns and wind sprints, and practiced booting a football through the uprights.  The full-scale “NFL Experience”, with more than 50 attractions, will be set up at the Dallas Convention Center from January 27th through Super Bowl Sunday on February 6th.  An NFL vice-president, Frank Supovitz, brought an NFL delegation to North Texas for meetings this week.  He says his purpose is to answer any questions about planning so that the league’s final visit in December can set the plan into motion.