Rangers First Playoff Game Today

alcs1 dl Rangers First Playoff Game TodayFor the first time in more than a decade, the Rangers have a playoff game today.

The Rangers, as American League West champions, take on the AL East Champs the Tampa Bay Rays.  The first game in the best-of-five series will be this afternoon at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg.  The Rangers send their ace Cliff Lee to the hill, matching up against the Rays’ David Price.  Games 1 and 2 will be at The Trop.  Then, the Rangers host Game 3 on Saturday and also Game 4, if needed, on Sunday.  If the series goes to five games, the teams will return to St. Petersburg for the decider.  The Rangers have made the post-season only three times before, most recently in 1999 when the roster included fan favorites like Pudge Rodriguez, Juan Gonzales, and Rafael Palmeiro.  In each of those previous three series, the Rangers were quickly eliminated by the Yankees.

You can listen to Texas Rangers baseball locally on 105.3 The Fan (Monday-Friday) and 1080 KRLD (Saturday-Sunday). To find an affiliate in your area – click here.

  • Lynn Flowers

    I might watch a baseball game if someone paid me enough, but there is no way I could guarantee to stay awake. Baseball is THE most boring sport I have ever attempted to watch (with the possible exception of a cricket match I once saw a few minutes of while visiting England).

    • Watta Whip

      And yet you spent 30 seconds of your life commenting on how boring baseball is. Some things I’ll never understand.

    • Jeff

      Retarded people like this always make me smile.

    • collin

      bashing baseball on a forum that is about baseball is just wasteful … Get a life.

  • Rick

    We’ll be watching at lunch and listening the rest of the afternoon! GO RANGERS!!

  • Jazzy

    I brought my Zune to work today. I will be listening and cheering my team on to a win today!

  • Bill

    And people that use the “R” word without thinking about its impact on others need to more sensitive. Check out
    r-word. org

  • Trae

    Where is the audio of the game?

    • jeffburkett

      on 105.3 The Fan

  • Matt

    Today is Friday! Would you please update your story!?!? This is clearly old.

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