fan tonyromo3 post So many problems with the Cowboys

There are so many problems with your 1-3 Dallas Cowboys right now….where to begin?   Dumb penalties is a good start.

There 12 of them that cost the team 133 yards.  And this on a day when the Cowboys had a 400 yard passer, a 100 yard receiver, and a 100 yard rusher , shredding the Titans for 511 total yards of offense.  The players keep talking about how “the effort is there.”  Well, then lets see it. 
Special teams are a mess.

Mark Mariani’s 73 yard kickoff return was set up by the Marc Columbo spike of the ball after the Witten touchdown which was perceived as a “joint celebration that was excessive.”  At the very least, this team showed fight after going down 17-3 in the first half, but Coach Joe was right on the money with our “Keys to the Game” segment on the pregame show.  Said Joe:  “You gotta keep Romo upright to win.”  He bounced back after that brutal first half from the offensive line.  Leonard David was pulled and Montrae Holland started getting things done.

The good news?   Miles Austin is one bad dude.

Bad news?  The Cowboys are on pace for a 4-12 season.

Worse news?  Here come the Vikings and Randy Moss probably in the mood to try and bury the Cowboys at 1-4.  It is not going to be a fun week at the Ranch.

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