felix jones1 thumb 225x225 At Least One Cowboys' Problem Is Fixed: Felix the Phat

Looks like about 3.5 times more of you – 885,000 homes to 250,000 homes – watched the Dallas Cowboys over the Texas Rangers on Sunday, so let’s not shun football today.

Though Leonard Davis is admitting he sucks and Martellus Bennett is hurt and the Cowboys are 1-3 and old kicker Nick Folk is booting five field goals in a win for the New York Jets, all is not lost. Not the playoffs. Not the NFC East. Nope, not even the Super Bowl.

Hate to agree with Wade Phillips more than absolutely necessary, but I too see the Cowboys as a team in need of a tweak rather than an overhaul. To me they’re like an FM station just ever-so-slightly out of tune where you hear that irritating fuzz. Just a scootch to the right and presto, crystal clear reception.

Penalties will happen and opponents will make good plays, but if the Cowboys just stop the self-inflicted stuff – Bennett volleyballing a pass out of his hands for an interception or Marc Colombo producing a 15-yard fall down – I’m seeing a lot of positives.


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