jpw thumb Father is Arrested in Death of Child An infant is dead and his father is behind bars accused of his murder. One-month-old Christian Webb was rushed to Cook Children’s’ Medical Center in Fort Worth Monday morning, where he died hours later.

Deputies surrounded the family’s Parker County home Monday afternoon and arrested John Paul Webb.

He is charged with capital murder in connection to the death of the baby.

“This little baby came into the hospital with some very severe injuries including head trauma, injuries to the internal organs and extensive bruising and he was just not able to survive it.” said Marissa Gonzales, spokesperson for Child Protective Services. “The mother of this baby has one other child a 3-year-old girl, she appears to be in good health. She is in foster care right now, typically we will work with the family to see if there is another relative who can take care of her in the future.”

Detectives are now investigating the incident. Deputies spent much of the day Tuesday at the family’s home, trying to piece together exactly what happened.

Monday Morning, dispatchers received a 911 call from the infant’s mother, who was reportedly at home asleep when the child was hurt.

According to the arrest affidavit, the mother put the child to sleep Sunday night in his crib. When she woke up Monday, he was lying next to her in bed, cold and unresponsive.

“I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one like this,” said Sheriff Larry Fowler, “a one-month-old with a head trauma like this, it’s beyond the pale.”

“I haven’t seen really anything in the 14 years that we’ve lived here,” said Vanda Harrell who lives down the rural street from where the incident happened, “It’s heartbreaking to know that someone could do that to a baby.”

Webb has been arrested three times since December 2009 for alleged domestic violence against his wife.

Source: CBS 11 / M.Newton