KFC Ads Offend Some Women's Groups

kfc KFC Ads Offend Some Women's Groups KFC has a new ad campaign featuring college women bearing the Double Down sandwich logo on their behinds.

Feminist groups claim the “human billboard” approach is obnoxious and only perpetuates sexism and female exploitation.

KFC, on the other hand, defends its new campaign, claiming that it’s “a great way to attract the attention of young men, who are the chain’s key customers and the Double Down’s biggest fans”. KFC’s rep also points out that rear-end ads have been widely used for a long time now.

The Double Down is a bunless sandwich which uses two fried or grilled chicken breasts in place of bread to hold a filling of bacon and cheese.

The program began last week at Spalding University in downtown Louisville, Kentucky. The chain plans to expand it to at least three more campuses. The additional schools and the women there will be picked via a Facebook promotion.


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  1. Duckman says:

    I don’t know what was the criteria for picking women in this case, but if it is ad space you want, get the larger women. It would give a whole new meaning to “stretching your advertising budget.” Seriously. Women are always talking about men’s butts. If it had been advertising on our rear ends, there wouldn’t have been a problem with it. They tattoo things in that region to draw attention there. They might as well get paid to put something practical there.

  2. marianne d says:

    these people who are worried about exploitation need to get a life…if a person chooses to take the job of wearing an ad on their butt…then it is not exploitation. seriously, don’t these people have anything else to do? if it said NIKE would they be complaining?

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