More Scholarship Embarrassment For Congresswoman

ebj2 dl1 More Scholarship Embarrassment For Congresswoman An embarrassing ethics scandal involving Dallas Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson has taken a new turn involving the head of minority contracting at DFW International Airport. Don O’Bannon’s daughter is among those who obtained scholarships from the Dallas Democrat who was disbursing money from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation. O’Bannon oversees DFW Airport contracts with minority-owned businesses and, through a trust, Johnson owns a 25% stake in two Hudson News stores at the airport.  Critics call that a clear conflict-of-interest.

For weeks, Johnson has been battling charges of nepotism in how the scholarship recipients were chosen. In addition to O’Bannon’s daughter, awards also went to the son of a top aide and to two of her own grandchildren.  She has since said she didn’t understand the rules.

After information about O’Bannon’s daughter became public, a Johnson spokeswoman said they are not “…commenting on the scholarships anymore.”


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  1. Tom says:

    Did not understand the rules? Really? This is your lame defense? Then you need to be removed from office not only for your lack of morals and ethics, but also for lacking the intelligence to represent the people. If you are going to hide behind a ignorance defense then you shall be labeled a moron as well. And not commenting on the scholarships any more? Do you really think by ignoring the scandal that it will go away? Crooked and dumb, what a deadly combination!

  2. gm says:

    Truly unbelievable…I don’t understand why the media isn’t more on top of this issue. This is likely indicative of a much larger problem not just with EBJ, but across the board with all career politicians. This must be investigated, and the outright smug and dismissive refusal for her and her supporters to address the issue honestly does not speak well to her character.

  3. MG says:

    She is just another criminal in a job that she should never have been in.

  4. carolyn says:

    “We can really be HARSH, MEAN AND RUDE with our comments. “every dog has its day” People we NEED to be carefull of what we “say” and “CALL” each others.

    1. tim says:

      you must be one of her voters….

      this woman is just one inch away from being a criminal
      so she fits right in with the party affiliation she has

      didnt understand the rules LOL…feigning ignorance to
      cover up nepotism and back door deals…

      time to clean up political world

  5. larry says:

    If it had been a Republican they would have already out of office. Where is real justice, she claims she didn’t now the rules. How can she keep a straite face, time for her to go.

  6. Leigh says:

    For pete sake, fire the woman. Just as with all the other politicians of the day; they use their monies illegally and then think it’s ok to just pay it back when they get caught. with that way of thinking I should be able to steal money from my job, get caught and then say, “opps, sorry….let me pay it back and everything will be fine” What a load of crap.

  7. datlow says:

    sadly they are all crooks…im going to vote just to vote against…not too long ago she was giving john wiley price about his ethics… pleese.

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