It’s a bittersweet week for former Rangers owner Tom Hicks who was forced to sell the team in bankruptcy court this year.  Just months later, the team has now won its first-ever post-season series and appears in its first American League Championship Series beginning tonight.  But Hicks is now watching it as an outsider and, in several interviews with local TV and newspaper reporters this week, he admits it’s a tough pill to swallow.  He realizes he became unpopular with fans and says he understands their anger. He, too, feels frustration with how some of his decisions turned out.  He specifically mentions the $252 million, ten-year contract awarded to Alex Rodriguez who missed just one game in his three seasons with the Rangers.  Even though he slugged 156 home runs in those three years, Rodriguez remains one of the most unpopular players with Rangers fans, and Hicks is just as vilified for signing him in the first place.