Yankees Fan Interference in ALCS Game 4?

alcs4interference Yankees Fan Interference in ALCS Game 4?

The Ump decided that a Yankees fan did not interfere with Nelson Cruz during game play. Want to see a better picture? Give us your opinion.

alcs4interference2 Yankees Fan Interference in ALCS Game 4?

  • rj

    but so far dosent look like its going to matter

  • Nick

    They bent his F+in glove! Of course they interfered!!!

  • Russ

    The fact that they touched Nellie’s glove prior to the ball coming into the area of play, in my opinion that should be interference. Primarily because the ball comes close to that area and he had a shot to make the play.

    Go RANGERS!!

  • BM

    Even the fans cant stop their team from losing!!!

  • joe

    i think the ump interfered

  • David E

    When it’s 10 to 3, nobody cares. GO RANGERS !!!

  • Leo

    This was interference! just the fact that the fans had to reach out over the wall shows its interference. And they still lost! I would of been pissed if we would of lost by 1.

  • Frank

    the ball was on top of fence could have gone either way im just glad we won anyways!!!

  • M

    The Yanks can’t even win when their fans try to help . . . Yankees (do really) Suck!

  • mick

    When the ball breaks the plane of the field and enters the stands, the spectator can do as he chooses with the ball and he can block the player from catching the ball. If the spectator reaches out and breaks the plane onto the field then it is spectator interference. This is part of the home field advantage. It applies to the Ballpark in Arlington just as it does in yankee stadium. A month or so ago there was a foul ball caught by an opposing team near the first base line where the player reached into the stands and our spectators got out of the way to let the opposing team catch the ball for an out. This should never happen in our ballpark. The Rangers are making the DFW area more baseball knowledgeable. We need to know how to help our team when we can. The yankee fans do.

    • K

      Per the picture above, there are five hands from spectators that have broken the plane are into the field of play.

  • dallas

    i think thats what started the ralley,,rangers/warsh.said then ” ok lets get some bat crackin” ha ha

  • Bryan Sharp

    27 outs until we get to choke the monkey! Antlers up! Claws Down!!!

  • mr.pineapple

    i think the yankes were just mad about getting there ass kicked and had to do what new york does, play dirty.

  • Stacy

    It was total interference. had a Ranger fan done that to a Yankee player, you bet your butt it would have been called as interference! GO RANGERS!!!

  • George

    Don’t try that in Arlington! you will likely spend some time in the city drunk tank trying to deflect Bubba’s butt darts!

  • Lisa Perkins

    Yes, those turds interfered!

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