CBS 11’s Sana Syed Reports:

HURST (CBSDFW.COM) –Residents in the Lakes of River Trails subdivision spent Saturday staring at the damage left behind after an intense bout of storms hit North Texas.

Resident Mike Roy was missing a large trampoline; he later found it propped up against a neighbor’s fence two blocks away. He was also missing a playhouse and a children’s swimming pool that was full of sand.

Damage was visible elsewhere in the neighborhood. Windows were smashed, and wooden fences appeared to be pried apart like straw. Large pieces of wood protruding from the ground served as subtle reminders of how dangerous the storm could have been.

“So much damage in such a short amount of time, it’s unbelievable,” said resident Jim Bigalow.

Tanya Spence, 16, was cleaning her room when something outside her window caught her eye.

“I saw on the street over there a gust of wind started to turn around like a tornado – and I saw leaves and sticks flying around. I called my dad into my room and as we looked out – there was another tornado forming just down there and we saw it coming towards us,” she said. “It looked like a bunch of wind – but it was brown. It started twisting around. It almost looked like the tornado from the movie Twister.”

So Larry Spence darted into his daughter’s room.

“It grabbed onto one of those fences and I started seeing it coming toward us,” he said. “I said, ‘we got to get out of here now.”

The father and daughter said the window in Tanya’s room shattered just seconds after they ran for cover in the bathroom.

“Some shingles are loose – fences are down – but the Lord protected us,” said Larry Spence.

The Spences and about fifteen other families are counting their blessings: Despite the damage, no injuries were reported.