By Wally Lynn for 105.3 The Fan

IRVING (105.3 The Fan) Your locker room tally on players who spoke to the media today:  Three

The comments from the three you probably expected to speak.

Jason Witten: “How do we establish our identity now?  I think that’s the mentality now instead of the big picture and that’s day to day. I don’t even think about that (regarding Wade Phillips future with the Cowboys)…You hope you have alot of prideful guys and I believe we do, so you just keep fighting.”

Regarding where the Cowboys are and how they approach their goals: “Things change regarding goals. Yea, no question because of the standard we’ve set for us.  We set the bar high, but you just have to keep fighting.”

Witten also told me that, by far, this is his most disappointing season as a Cowboy.

Bradie James: “You can’t feel deflated. You have to play until the end. The core guys have been here….went through a rebuilding process and now we are kind of down again so we have to pick each other up.  We haven’t lost faith, there is just alot of stuff going on.  Losing your quarterback, stopping the run…..everybody is trying to come up with something.  We’re trying to give them everything we can and it just hasn’t been good enough yet.”

Keith Brooking: “This is a players league, so I take the responsibility.   You can put it all on me.  I’m a captain.  We’re not doing the things we need to do.  We are the only ones who can do something about this.  Coach Phillips can’t drop into coverage and defend the pass.  His system has held up through the years, so at the end of the day, you’re going to point the finger at him?  No you point it at us.  Put it on me.  We’re the ones who are not getting the job done.”

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