By Wally Lynn for 105.3 The Fan

ARLINGTON (105.3 THE FAN) – Was Sunday’s loss in Arlington the worst in Cowboys history?

The notion is being mentioned as the Cowboys now have a better record than only winless Buffalo.   Consider that this was one of the worst teams in the NFL and Dallas got manhandled.  Everybody wants Wade Phillips fired.  The Cowboys are simply not playing for the coach.  There is no hope.

Did you see what David Garrard had to say about the Cowboys after the game?  He told SI’s Peter King,  “It just looked like they weren’t into the game like an NFL team should be.” King went on to say “Put Wade out of his misery.  It is time to fire Wade. I would go with Jason Garrett or Joe DiCamillas the rest of the way, but Jerry, you have got to fire your head coach.”

Another possibility:  Wade simply resigns to put himself out of this misery.  What can he possibly say today about the disaster yesterday?  Should be an interesting day at the Ranch.

Partial quote from Cowboys Owner/GM Jerry Jones on Sunday:

“Yes I’m embarrassed.  I take the ultimate responsibility here.  That is the way we are structured and that is the way I run it.  I am dumbfounded that we are 1-7 (actually it is 1-6).  I thought we had one of the teams that could be a top competitor in the NFL so I am very, very sorry to our fans.  You should have better than this.  I won’t rest until we figure some things out and get us to a different spot.  I don’t have the answers (on where to go from here) but again I’m sorry for our record, embarrassed and certainly have the ability to help us change what we do out here.  That is my job.”

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