Kinky’s Take On Election Night 2010

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – He’s been a musician, a writer, a businessman and famously ran for governor in 2006 with the campaign slogan “Why the Hell Not?” So where did Texas Humorist and Politician Kinky Friedman spend his election night 2010?  At the CBS11/TXA21 studios, talking about Bill White, Harry Reid, and why his plans for the afterlife involve Governor Perry.

  • RonyTomo

    I can’t believe Kinky was sober enough to know there were elections last night.

  • Willie

    He wasn’t. He was rambling and incoherent. He said he thought Ann Richards won too.

  • Crusty

    Kinky suffers from a self induced coma. He used to have delusions that someone actually cared about anything that he said. It’s sad what years of drinking and drugs can do. Maybe he will retire to his Jack Daniels Marajwina Ranch and pretend that he has something important we want to hear..

  • mofo

    Kinky wouldn’t know a politic from a cowlick.

  • Barney

    Note to Kinky: Next time that you run for an office, move back to Chicago where you were born. They will elect anyone there.

  • Winter

    Wow many of you reek of christian love and tolerance. Maybe you should all do a little more digging into Kinky, he is a lot more honest then Perry every will be.

  • Russ

    When any of you folks bashing Kinky put in the time and effort to as many worthy causes as Kinky, let me know so I can support you. When you’ve had the success he’s had as an author, let me know so I can buy your book. When you’ve had the music you’ve written performed by legends like Willie Nelson, let me know so I can come out an hear you. Until then, what you have to say about him doesn’t seem to mean a whole lot

  • Winter

    Great post Russ! Do any of you have any idea how many pets that Kinky has been involved with saving? I bet you bashers have never saved anything but your last beer bottle.

  • moron

    Yes, let’s all vote for Stinky !

  • Russ

    You mean like over a half a million people did when he ran for governor in 2006 and received almost 13% of the vote?

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