Dallas Cowboys Coach Wade Phillips Fired

IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) – CBS 11 Sports has confirmed that Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips has been fired.

Jason Garrett has been named the new interim head coach. Garrett had previously been the Cowboys assistant head coach and offensive coordinator. Garrett, 44, becomes the first former Dallas Cowboys player to become head coach. Paul Pasqualoni, who is currently the team’s defensive line coach, will be the team’s defensive coordinator.

The Cowboys are off to their worst start since 1989, with a 1-7 record. That record includes five straight losses.

This is the first time, in Dallas Cowboys history, that a head coach has been fired mid-season.

Phillips was the seventh coach in Cowboys history (take a look at the Cowboys coaches through the years) and came to the team with more than 30 years of NFL coaching experience. In his four+ seasons with the Cowboys, Phillips complied a 34-22 record.

The Cowboys had entered the 2010 season with a division title and a playoff win, and was expected to be a Super Bowl contender in the NFL championship that will be held at Cowboys Stadium.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had supported Phillips throughout the downward spiral, even saying late last week that Phillips would keep the head coaching job through the rest of the year.

But after Sunday’s loss to the Green Bay Packers, Jones said, “I’m concerned. I can’t put my finger on it, because I don’t have enough fingers. There are a lot of people here that are going to suffer consequences, and I’m talking about within the team – players, coaches that have careers. This [another loss] is certainly a setback.”

When asked how Phillips was notified Jones said, “I visited with him personally. I visited with him this morning.”

Click below to hear fans react to the Wade Phillips news:

Players were told about the firing during a team meeting at 3 p.m.  Jones addressed the media during a press conference one hour later, and stressed the importance of “changing the culture” of the struggling Cowboys team.

“When we lost Tony [Romo], we didn’t have the base of wins that would allow us to withstand an injury,” Jones said. “Teams do that. The team we played last night overcame injuries … we didn’t do that.”

Jones added that he and Garrett would be focusing on the final games of the season, and he expected to see an “extraordinary effort” out of the players to round out the season. “The facts are that I intend to do everything we can to have players play to win, and coaches coach to win,” Jones said.

“My concern is not about the longer term, it’s about these next eight games,” Jones said. “Jason has certainly been a part of long term thinking for the Dallas Cowboys and for me. But what we’re addressing on an interim basis is how to maximize how we’re playing right now, this week in practice and with the Giants.

Now, the Cowboys move forward and Jones said there might still be some surprises for opponents.

“I want to see the kind of effort that is incorporated in playing to win. The kind of effort that you might not expect to see from a team that’s one and seven, right now,” he said.

Garrett is a Princeton University graduate who has been the team’s offensive coordinator since 2007. Jones noted that some of the best offensive seasons in team history came under Garrett and he would consider extending his interim coaching deal based on the “success” of the team moving forward.

“There was a lot of me in denial for at least the last couple of ball games, but where we are right now is that we have got to be able to do what everybody does in the NFL, which is get a defense that can slow them down,” Jones said.

That job falls to Pasqualoni, the team’s defensive line coach. Pasqualoni notched most of his experience at the collegiate level, where he put in 29 years, 14 of which were as head coach at Syracuse. He spent 2005 through 2007 with the Cowboys, then had a stint with the Miami Dolphins from 2008 to 2009. He returned to Dallas after that.

About an hour after the Cowboys news conference ended, Phillips, who did not attend Jones’ press conference, issued the following statement –

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the fans of the Cowboys and to the entire Jones family for all of the support that we received here in Dallas. I would also like to thank our coaches and players for their loyalty and dedication.

I told the team today that I have been proud to be a part of their family, and that will never change. I have enjoyed the privilege and responsibility of representing this franchise as its head coach.

I am disappointed in the results of this season to this point, but I am also very proud of what our team and our players accomplished in the previous three years. In good times and difficult times, our players stuck together and never lost hold of their belief in each other and the strong team bond that they have shared. Family and coaching football have always defined my life and I will always be grateful for my experiences here with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys face off against the New York Giants this Sunday.

CBS 11 Sports is covering this story and will continue to have more details as they become available.

  • Brian

    Who is the source?

    • Charles Nutt


    • Charles Nutt

      Time to hire Jon Gruden

      • VFW American

        You are absolutlely correct with your choice Charles.
        He is young and aggresive.

  • Skyler H.

    It’s about 9 weeks too late. He should’ve been fired following the pre-season when nothing was getting done. It wasn’t just a plain vanilla offense they were running that cost them to stink so bad in the pre-season. They were terrible offensively and defensively and coaching was to blame.

    • Rodger

      Why Garrett? Offense has played no better than the defense. Let Jones coach!!

      • VFW American

        Jerry needs to name himself Head Coach. He is the one person that has created this failing Football Team.
        Wade is the fall guy in this one and he had no control over anything that this team has done.

      • Cat

        I agree. Jerry need to fire self. The team itself has failed not the head coach. They should have drafted real men and not boys who like to play keep away after the game is over.

      • Cat

        Jones has been coaching. It is a control issue with him.

    • Mike G.

      Thanks for that Captain Hindsight

    • Shemeddra T.

      The defense has been fine except for the last 3 games, but that offense hasn’t been rolling consistently since last season……It was the dumber and dumber show, with Garrett being the dumber of the two!!!

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  • Linda Wynkoop

    Good glad your sorry butt is gone

  • ddddd

    i am the source.

  • KeepLee

    And they think Jason Garrett will do any better with the players????

    • Liz

      My concern exactly! How’s Garrett an improvement? If he was capable of more…(?) why haven’t we seen it?

      • Coach G

        This is a great move, Garrett has 8 games to prove himself. If he is not an upgrade and the players won’t play for him either then you can get rid of him and hire someone else at the end of the\is season versus handing it over to Garrett for possibly more disappointments next year!

    • augusta

      Hope Jerry told Jason this is JUST until the end of the season. Jason is no good.

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  • Christy

    Totally agree, to late!!!!!! He should have been gone weeks ago!!

  • Scott S.

    Makes it look like they’re “doing something” but it won’t matter.
    Any coach picked up by this team is destined for short-term or long-term FAIL as long as Jones is the General Manager (and/or owner).

    The organization as a whole needs a complete colonic.

  • Hank "I'm not a babe" C.

    Babe Laughingburb is your source…”Babez”…

  • A fan

    I think the general manager should be fired too!

  • zl1vette

    Babe Laughenburg is the source.

  • blk

    Until Jones FIRES the GM (Jones) Cowboys don’t have a chance! Coach isn’t the problem, owner is.

    • Elizabeth Dennington

      Totally agree with you!! They ALL need to be booted and start completely OVER….the starters need to ALL be benched and let some other players take their places….they play like jr high kids….and then LAUGH about it!!! PATHETIC!!!

      • lowens

        They act like Junior High kids. Guess they should have concentrated on football instead of things like who is going to carry Roy Williams’ shoulderpads.

    • DB

      So very, very, very, sadly very true.

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  • Ockham's Razor

    Until the meddling moron of a “GM” is gone, nothing will change. Look at the drafts between Jimmy and Parcells, and the ones since. I rest my case.

  • MHafer

    Now if they could only fire the GM!

  • Patrick B.

    Now what? put a less competent moroon as the head coach that can’t call decent plays and can’t motivate the team. So the BAD coach is gone but the BAD smell will linger and this will be for a very LONG! LONG! time. Jerry needs to have a gut check stop wasting draft picks on subpar tallent like on #11 and step back and let a winning coach coach put this organization back on top. Message to Jerry: Thanks for all the good you have brought to the team and the Metroplex but it’s time you let your son take over and bring back the Cowboys organization back into true Superbowl contention.

  • October

    AS IF Jason Garrett is the answer. He’s a huge QUESTION MARK!

    • Derek

      He’s not a question mark. We know he sucks! I pray that Garrett doesn’t get named head coach after the season.

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  • max

    Bout stinkin stime….Can’t blame Romo injury for the D letting 3 teams drive at will for TD’s- giving up over 40 ppg over last 3 games

  • bestes36

    the problem is 1 step higher than coach

  • Tom

    Jerry Jones will never have a championship team as long as he continues to try and “coach” the field. The only hope for the Cowboys is next year, and only if Jones will hire Tony Dungee or Bill Cower and let them pick the players and coaching staff and then LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

    • matt

      BRING ON “CHUCKY” Gruden and let him run the damn team!!!

      Dungy or Cower will not come here.

    • hc-dallas

      Kuddos Tom!! I couldn’t agree anymore.

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  • Anonymous

    Jason Garret is the best they can do?!
    The season is over for them even if they do get a new coach:(

  • Dave R

    If you though Wade was bad, wait for Jason Garrett. He’s the epitome of the country club atmosphere the Cowboys have grown to live and die by. And after 3 weeks, Garrett couldn’t come up with plays for a different offense. Jeery just made it worse.

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