Dallas Cowboys Coach Wade Phillips Fired

IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) – CBS 11 Sports has confirmed that Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips has been fired.

Jason Garrett has been named the new interim head coach. Garrett had previously been the Cowboys assistant head coach and offensive coordinator. Garrett, 44, becomes the first former Dallas Cowboys player to become head coach. Paul Pasqualoni, who is currently the team’s defensive line coach, will be the team’s defensive coordinator.

The Cowboys are off to their worst start since 1989, with a 1-7 record. That record includes five straight losses.

This is the first time, in Dallas Cowboys history, that a head coach has been fired mid-season.

Phillips was the seventh coach in Cowboys history (take a look at the Cowboys coaches through the years) and came to the team with more than 30 years of NFL coaching experience. In his four+ seasons with the Cowboys, Phillips complied a 34-22 record.

The Cowboys had entered the 2010 season with a division title and a playoff win, and was expected to be a Super Bowl contender in the NFL championship that will be held at Cowboys Stadium.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had supported Phillips throughout the downward spiral, even saying late last week that Phillips would keep the head coaching job through the rest of the year.

But after Sunday’s loss to the Green Bay Packers, Jones said, “I’m concerned. I can’t put my finger on it, because I don’t have enough fingers. There are a lot of people here that are going to suffer consequences, and I’m talking about within the team – players, coaches that have careers. This [another loss] is certainly a setback.”

When asked how Phillips was notified Jones said, “I visited with him personally. I visited with him this morning.”

Click below to hear fans react to the Wade Phillips news:

Players were told about the firing during a team meeting at 3 p.m.  Jones addressed the media during a press conference one hour later, and stressed the importance of “changing the culture” of the struggling Cowboys team.

“When we lost Tony [Romo], we didn’t have the base of wins that would allow us to withstand an injury,” Jones said. “Teams do that. The team we played last night overcame injuries … we didn’t do that.”

Jones added that he and Garrett would be focusing on the final games of the season, and he expected to see an “extraordinary effort” out of the players to round out the season. “The facts are that I intend to do everything we can to have players play to win, and coaches coach to win,” Jones said.

“My concern is not about the longer term, it’s about these next eight games,” Jones said. “Jason has certainly been a part of long term thinking for the Dallas Cowboys and for me. But what we’re addressing on an interim basis is how to maximize how we’re playing right now, this week in practice and with the Giants.

Now, the Cowboys move forward and Jones said there might still be some surprises for opponents.

“I want to see the kind of effort that is incorporated in playing to win. The kind of effort that you might not expect to see from a team that’s one and seven, right now,” he said.

Garrett is a Princeton University graduate who has been the team’s offensive coordinator since 2007. Jones noted that some of the best offensive seasons in team history came under Garrett and he would consider extending his interim coaching deal based on the “success” of the team moving forward.

“There was a lot of me in denial for at least the last couple of ball games, but where we are right now is that we have got to be able to do what everybody does in the NFL, which is get a defense that can slow them down,” Jones said.

That job falls to Pasqualoni, the team’s defensive line coach. Pasqualoni notched most of his experience at the collegiate level, where he put in 29 years, 14 of which were as head coach at Syracuse. He spent 2005 through 2007 with the Cowboys, then had a stint with the Miami Dolphins from 2008 to 2009. He returned to Dallas after that.

About an hour after the Cowboys news conference ended, Phillips, who did not attend Jones’ press conference, issued the following statement –

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the fans of the Cowboys and to the entire Jones family for all of the support that we received here in Dallas. I would also like to thank our coaches and players for their loyalty and dedication.

I told the team today that I have been proud to be a part of their family, and that will never change. I have enjoyed the privilege and responsibility of representing this franchise as its head coach.

I am disappointed in the results of this season to this point, but I am also very proud of what our team and our players accomplished in the previous three years. In good times and difficult times, our players stuck together and never lost hold of their belief in each other and the strong team bond that they have shared. Family and coaching football have always defined my life and I will always be grateful for my experiences here with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cowboys face off against the New York Giants this Sunday.

CBS 11 Sports is covering this story and will continue to have more details as they become available.


One Comment

  1. Brian says:

    Who is the source?

    1. Charles Nutt says:


    2. Charles Nutt says:

      Time to hire Jon Gruden

      1. VFW American says:

        You are absolutlely correct with your choice Charles.
        He is young and aggresive.

  2. Skyler H. says:

    It’s about 9 weeks too late. He should’ve been fired following the pre-season when nothing was getting done. It wasn’t just a plain vanilla offense they were running that cost them to stink so bad in the pre-season. They were terrible offensively and defensively and coaching was to blame.

    1. Rodger says:

      Why Garrett? Offense has played no better than the defense. Let Jones coach!!

      1. VFW American says:

        Jerry needs to name himself Head Coach. He is the one person that has created this failing Football Team.
        Wade is the fall guy in this one and he had no control over anything that this team has done.

      2. Cat says:

        I agree. Jerry need to fire self. The team itself has failed not the head coach. They should have drafted real men and not boys who like to play keep away after the game is over.

      3. Cat says:

        Jones has been coaching. It is a control issue with him.

    2. Mike G. says:

      Thanks for that Captain Hindsight

    3. Shemeddra T. says:

      The defense has been fine except for the last 3 games, but that offense hasn’t been rolling consistently since last season……It was the dumber and dumber show, with Garrett being the dumber of the two!!!

  3. Linda Wynkoop says:

    Good glad your sorry butt is gone

  4. ddddd says:

    i am the source.

  5. KeepLee says:

    And they think Jason Garrett will do any better with the players????

    1. Liz says:

      My concern exactly! How’s Garrett an improvement? If he was capable of more…(?) why haven’t we seen it?

      1. Coach G says:

        This is a great move, Garrett has 8 games to prove himself. If he is not an upgrade and the players won’t play for him either then you can get rid of him and hire someone else at the end of the\is season versus handing it over to Garrett for possibly more disappointments next year!

    2. augusta says:

      Hope Jerry told Jason this is JUST until the end of the season. Jason is no good.

  6. Christy says:

    Totally agree, to late!!!!!! He should have been gone weeks ago!!

  7. Scott S. says:

    Makes it look like they’re “doing something” but it won’t matter.
    Any coach picked up by this team is destined for short-term or long-term FAIL as long as Jones is the General Manager (and/or owner).

    The organization as a whole needs a complete colonic.

  8. Hank "I'm not a babe" C. says:

    Babe Laughingburb is your source…”Babez”…

  9. A fan says:

    I think the general manager should be fired too!

  10. zl1vette says:

    Babe Laughenburg is the source.

  11. blk says:

    Until Jones FIRES the GM (Jones) Cowboys don’t have a chance! Coach isn’t the problem, owner is.

    1. Elizabeth Dennington says:

      Totally agree with you!! They ALL need to be booted and start completely OVER….the starters need to ALL be benched and let some other players take their places….they play like jr high kids….and then LAUGH about it!!! PATHETIC!!!

      1. lowens says:

        They act like Junior High kids. Guess they should have concentrated on football instead of things like who is going to carry Roy Williams’ shoulderpads.

    2. DB says:

      So very, very, very, sadly very true.

  12. Ockham's Razor says:

    Until the meddling moron of a “GM” is gone, nothing will change. Look at the drafts between Jimmy and Parcells, and the ones since. I rest my case.

  13. MHafer says:

    Now if they could only fire the GM!

  14. Patrick B. says:

    Now what? put a less competent moroon as the head coach that can’t call decent plays and can’t motivate the team. So the BAD coach is gone but the BAD smell will linger and this will be for a very LONG! LONG! time. Jerry needs to have a gut check stop wasting draft picks on subpar tallent like on #11 and step back and let a winning coach coach put this organization back on top. Message to Jerry: Thanks for all the good you have brought to the team and the Metroplex but it’s time you let your son take over and bring back the Cowboys organization back into true Superbowl contention.

  15. October says:

    AS IF Jason Garrett is the answer. He’s a huge QUESTION MARK!

    1. Derek says:

      He’s not a question mark. We know he sucks! I pray that Garrett doesn’t get named head coach after the season.

  16. max says:

    Bout stinkin stime….Can’t blame Romo injury for the D letting 3 teams drive at will for TD’s- giving up over 40 ppg over last 3 games

  17. bestes36 says:

    the problem is 1 step higher than coach

  18. Tom says:

    Jerry Jones will never have a championship team as long as he continues to try and “coach” the field. The only hope for the Cowboys is next year, and only if Jones will hire Tony Dungee or Bill Cower and let them pick the players and coaching staff and then LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

    1. matt says:

      BRING ON “CHUCKY” Gruden and let him run the damn team!!!

      Dungy or Cower will not come here.

    2. hc-dallas says:

      Kuddos Tom!! I couldn’t agree anymore.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Jason Garret is the best they can do?!
    The season is over for them even if they do get a new coach:(

  20. Dave R says:

    If you though Wade was bad, wait for Jason Garrett. He’s the epitome of the country club atmosphere the Cowboys have grown to live and die by. And after 3 weeks, Garrett couldn’t come up with plays for a different offense. Jeery just made it worse.

  21. norma says:

    you fired the wrong coach, yourself the owner. NOW HIRE SOMEONE WHO WILL COACH IN SPITE OF YOU THE OWNER

  22. Amy says:

    For once, Jerry did something right for his team! Unfortunately, this should have been done weeks ago. Good luck to Jason–he really has his work cut out for him! Better luck next year boys…..

  23. pjIXOYE says:

    I’m sorry many of you have hard feelings for the GM, however…he DOES have rings and is VERY familiar with winning. He’s not going away, he OWNS it. This is the best thing to happen to the Cowboys all season. As a member of TRUE BLUE, I’m excited for what’s to come. Do I think Jason Garrett is better, maybe not, but you never know. They’ve got nothing to lose now, its a start and things are happening now.

    1. VFW American says:

      It will NEVER happen with Garrett. Have you really been watching the games for the last 2 years?
      Have you seen them play?
      They hold on to has been players that were good once and now you can’t get anything for them?? Like the out dated Offensive Line.

    2. Moni says:

      The problem is THE GM, and the only reason he has those rings is because of Jimmy Johnson. Had nothing to do with him, he didnt coach or have say in anything. And now that he has picked coaches that let him play that role, they are losing, its no wonder. As a member myself of TRUE BLUE, I am disappointed in our GM. Just like George Bush, his time has come!

    3. John Michaels says:

      Geez girl, where have you been? When was the last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl? Take away Troy, Emmit and Michael and Jerry has nothing to show but loser after loser. Also, Romi is not the guy, never has been, isn’t now, never will be.

      Winning starts from the top. When Jerry fires himself, the Cowboys’s stock will go up again. BTW, they stopped being American’s Team when they lost America’s coach, Tom Landry.

  24. Still Watching Cowboys says:

    Sorry Jerry. Garrett is half of the problem, not temp solution. Wrong move again.

  25. jbovinich says:

    Jason Garret’s offense is a big part of the problem. It just doesn’t work! If they throw another wide receiver screen pass for a minus 2 yards on first down, I’ll have to start watching the Steelers.

  26. Go Cowboys says:

    Garrett?!?! Really??? Wow. I think he needed to be out the door along with Wade.
    And on a side note…I hope romo is next…fyi: our downslide didnt just all of a sudden happen when he got hurt.

  27. RJ says:

    I realized that they always blame the coach… but what about all the players that “quit” during the game??? Maybe he shouldn’t be the only one canned.. IMHO

  28. phil says:

    anyone who thinks firing Wade – or Garret as head coach – is going to solve the problems your wrong – Wade had lost the team so he had to go – but Garret is not the answer – just look at our offensive productivity – for whatever reason the players dont seem to care – this is the sadest season in Cowboy season w/out question

  29. jodi says:

    All I can say is WOW!!!!!

  30. Larry says:

    Jones is not the problem they have won Super Bowls with Jones as the owner and GM.

    1. scrammer says:

      The only time they’ve won with Jerry in the mix is when they had a coach that would tell Jerry where to stuff it.

    2. tom says:

      When the Team was built in the early 90’s Jimmy Johnson ran the Football Program, Jerry couldn’t stand for Jimmy to get the Credit so he fired him. Look at Jones’s drafts, none were good between Jimmy and Bill and none have been good since Bill. Who was in charged during the bad drafts JERRY!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Renee says:

    Until Jerry relinquish control we will not ever have a decent head coach..

  32. Jack A. says:

    OK jerry you have started the improvement process now complete it! 2) Fire Garrett 3) Fire Kitna 4) Make McGee the quarterback and finally 5) Sell the team!!!

  33. Karen Blanton says:

    Geeeeez when are they going to get it… you pay these guys Millions of dollars to do nothing and now when they dont you fire the Head coach come on Jerry use your noodle start cuttin pay checks and youll get results……

  34. Larry says:

    Garrett is only the head coach for the rest of the season then Jones will get a new head coach. This season is shot anyway.

  35. Billy says:

    At least we will get the # 1 draft pick next year. What a joke.

  36. Karen says:

    Glad the son of Bum is gone!!!

  37. Curlty Top says:

    I think after Garrett was appointed assistant head coach, it was set-up by Garrett for Wade to fail. The following year, the team began to tankworse and I think that was design by Garrett. It was Jone’s error, to promote someone with almost the same level of management as the head coach.

  38. GERN BLANSTON says:

    From Philadelphia:




    1. Wade Phillips says:


  39. Ira Cantrelle says:

    Al Davis of Texas is the Problem, When will see rules that prohibit owners from
    team decisions, until that day we’re all to blame.

  40. dallasfanhopingwekeeplosing says:

    bout time but jasen wnot be any better.all us cowboys fan should be hoping for 1-15,first pick in the draft and go get Mark Ingram.We need a great back that can be on a madden cover not a bunch of average ones.we all knew what dez could do and hes doing it it.Mark Ingram will be the piece to get another 3 rings.Whose with me fans.Im so tired of going …who..when they draft these idiot running backs they all suck right now but next year obviously will be different…whose with me

    1. Skyler H says:

      No one can run behind that offensive line. Barry Sanders would be bottled up for -2 yards per carry as well. The offensive line stinks and is just plain OFFENSIVE. Left Tackle, Right Tackle, Left Guard, Right Guard should be their first four additions through the draft and free agency after hiring Bill Cowher to light a fire under the defense’s butt.

  41. Conky says:

    RED JESUS as coach! What a Joke

  42. Chad says:

    First Wade…Next Garrett (poor decision making during crucial plays) and Romo (Inconsistent). Keep Jones in the office and we should be on the right path.

    1. tom says:

      Fans like you deserve Jon Kinta, when you have undisciplined Receivers who do not run the right routes or let balls go thru their hands, then you blame Romo.

  43. LP says:

    didn’t see that coming. maybe Jerry is changing.
    Jason needs to stay the OC. If you think he’s not calling the right plays, you’re crazy. It’s about execution.
    Too many over paid “players”! Check that, “think their players”.
    Bring back Jimmy Johnson!

  44. drpeppertx says:

    Bring back Jimmy Johnson!

  45. J says:

    Has Cubin thought about owining a football team?

  46. Anthony Sizemore from Terrell says:

    This is HORRIBLE! The problem was NOT Wade Phillips….it was the PLAYERS! Wade is one of the greatest head coaches ever in the NFL. He is a master at the defense.

    This is a sad day.

    1. tom says:

      THe most undisciplined and Most Penalized Team in the NFL the last 3 years, you can not be considered a Great Coach and your Team be out of control.

  47. chris.b says:

    Well when is the general manager getting fired Jerry needs to step down as g.m

  48. Sonya I says:

    Jerry please hire a GM and let him or her do their job. Look what you did to OUR “BOYS”!! This is your doins and you need to fix it the RIGHT WAY!! Listen to your paying fans that feel for the team. You maybe the owner, but you’re not a coach, leave them alone to do their jobs.


  49. Paula says:

    anyone have Jon Gruden’s phone number? by the way, half their players should be put on “don’t want anymore list”

  50. cheezehead says:

    Wade didn’t let Clay Mathews flatten Barber behind the line on 3rd and 2.

  51. Go G-men.... says:

    when does Jerry fire himself??? and those so called talented players……

  52. JN says:


  53. Lisa Bell says:

    Now Jerry J. Needs to fire HIMSELF!

  54. notforBloMo says:

    They should throw Tony “Blo-mo” out on the street too. Look at the tape.. every time he gets in trouble he makes bad choices… like the one that gone him hurt. If you ask me Blomo is the other half of the problem, not Jerry. The QB is the leader that inspires the team to do great things

  55. D says:

    I do think the players are more about money these days than the love of the game. Can’t blame it all on the coach when the big money boys can’t deliver on their part. Maybe the blame should be all over and not just one person. These guys think just b/c they are NFL they a awesome and want big money but they are not proving it. Guess you have to start somewhere so why not with the coach and please mgmt work your way down.

  56. Jeff says:

    people, relax what more can be done in the middle of the season…not much but at least this is something…jason already is making a head coaches salary, it will give him a shot to see what he can do, and it leaves them with a head coach if there is a lock out….give jerry credit for at least doing something…he could not continue to have his franchise embarrassed since the players quit playing for Wade.

  57. Scott G. says:

    Hire Mike Leach!
    Man, I’m glad we have the Rangers for Baseball & the TCU Horned Frogs for our football!

    GO FROGS!!!

  58. tiffany W 3030 says:

    Jerry just need to go and fired himself as the GM. Then he need to go and tell Jimmy Johnson that he is sorry and he want him to come back and coach and he let him run the team like he was doing when he was coach and he going to sit in the skybox and stop coming down on the field. He going to stay in the skybox like all the other owners. Then second thing what can Jason do if i was him i wouldnt even take it because some of it his fault too. Then Jerry need to stop giving them all that money after one season and make them work for their money after he give them that money they go down hill they dont put up the stats like the suppose too. The only player i seen playing for his money after he got it is Demarcus Ware the rest of them they not playing hard anymore.

  59. CM says:

    Jerry, You have only done part of what you need to do. GET OUT. Put your son in as GM and let him do what he does best. Wade needed to be gone. The players need to get there butss in gear or send them on there way as well.
    Jerry, You are not a coach, you never have been and you never will be. Stop trying to coach the team. Two great coaches are out there. Fire one of them and let them do what they know, COACHING.

    1. Jamie Lindsay says:

      I agree.. time to step it up.. or get out of our way!!! Time to get this cowboys organization back on track!! And as far as these ridiculous penalties, these boys have got to start recieving punishment because they are killin us!

  60. boomer says:

    I’m having a chili cook-off on the 23rd, can Jerry come be one of the Judges?

  61. Duh says:

    FIRE THE GM while you’re at it!!!

  62. chris roddam says:

    chris roddam all yall begged for wade to be fired and now we have garret it wasnt all wades fault the players just stopped trying last night im the biggest fan of the cowboys and i am ashamed of them they stopped trying it wasnt all wade so lets give garret are support and not complain he needs are support rite now

  63. s.b. says:

    Now Jerry needs to fire Jason Garrett, Tony Romo and Jon Kitna and just start over, might as well the season is over anyway!!!

  64. dwayne howard says:

    Jason Garrett was more of the problem. T.O. isn’t there nomore but the problem still is,so who fault is it. You can blame the head coach all day but players got to play,coaches got to put the players in a better position to win. Did Jason Garrett do it? blame Wade all day you knew you needed offensive linemen,you knew you need better corners,you cut Deione Anderson”anybody knew Romo was hurt cause a rookie forgot to block?also Garrett was hired before the head coach was so the coach cant tell him nothing. but poor Wade see you later.

  65. Jamie Lindsay says:

    Finally, Some kind of action taken!! This has just been a ridiculous season…..

  66. Matt says:

    Firing the coach will do nothing get real cowboys and stop micromanagement

  67. RainMan says:

    Fire the GM also

  68. Malvin B. says:

    Guest T.O. wasn’t the problem after all !!!!!!!!! Football team should be ashamed not heart, no honor, no courage.

  69. Patrick B. says:

    Tony Romo was haming it up during the game laughing and smiling and this is during a 14+ point deficit. Are you freaking serious. MAN up Romo be a leader !!! what a dissapointment for this organization. I understand your hurt but at least lead from the sidelines do something to help the team. Don’t let the media catch you laughing or smiling while yourteam is getting their a$$$e$ handed to them!!

  70. John doda says:

    Gruden Gruden Gruden

  71. Scott says:

    Bring in Cowher and bench most of the starters. Wade didn’t play a single down in the games I saw. The players are a sorry bunch.

  72. Anna M says:

    Okay Jerry, you fired Phillips. Well guess what, the Cowboys fans fire you!

  73. cheryl deaton says:

    Doesn’t matter who he hires or fires until he fires himself. He has no one but himself to blame for this. He needs to man up and realize that he is the catalyst of all their problems.

  74. CedricS says:

    Jeryy, call Jimmy and go 9-7 to make the play-offs as a wildcard. You can do it Jerry, I know you are a smart man!!!!

  75. Marilyn says:

    The Cowboys need Jimmy Johnson back…

  76. nancy says:

    Now that Phillips is gone it is time to address the players. Romo has shown time and again he is not the QB to bring the team to championship play. He is the Danny White of the 2000’s. He can never quite play or make the effort to play championship football. He establised several years ago he was not a leader, nor did he understand that NFL football is a BUSINESS. When he said “if the worse thing that happens to me today is that I lose a football game, then it is a good day” clearly SCREAMS he does not understand he is playing professional football, professional football is a business, it is not pee-wee football.
    And Jones…….you cannot be all things to the Cowboys, sit back, be the owner, and let someone run the team!

    1. VFW American says:

      Tony has been running for his life the entire time he has been here. Have you watched the offensive line play. It is not Romos’ fault. Watch the damn games.

  77. TysonMan says:

    The problem with Jones is, he just wants a yes man. As long as they do what he says it’s all good to him. That’s why he fired Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy use to tell him to let me coach not you. If Jones wants to save some money, just be headcoach/owner. Keep the money. But until he figures that out, the Cowboys are forever doomed.

  78. CM says:

    I know that Jerry has very deep pockets. But they are only so deep. The only way to get rid of Jerry it to not go to the games as long as Jerry has anything to do with the Cowboys other that owner. Jerry, SIT BACK. Let those that know how to COACH, COACH.

  79. Lambert John says:

    Bring in Mike Leach!!

  80. how bout dem cowboys says:

    Where is Jimmy?

  81. Flying Gorilla says:

    Next seasons’s “breaking headline”: Jason Garrett has been fired

  82. Dakota Jones says:

    I second getting Jimmy Johnson back. They need to find a coach to put the fear back in to the players. There is no discipline on that team any more. Jason Garrett needs to go too. He hasn’t done much for the offense. At least with Wade gone, the defense might get a little better….but they still need a lot of work. Go back to the fundamentals – learn how to tackle…learn how to cover your man, not just wait until they catch the ball to tackle them…stop making so many mistakes and creating penalties. i could go on…

  83. cowboysfan says:


  84. Sandy says:

    Jason will suck too…. So fire Wade for Jenkins who sucks too… Sounds fair…. Your an idiot if you don’t do something to those players as well!

  85. Alan says:

    Anyone know what’s up with the Cowboys website? Been trying to open it for an hour but it’s totally down.

  86. MRMRR says:


  87. JohnR says:

    It’s sad. Jerry, trying to be a GM, created this mess – poor drafting, poor player evaluation, etc.. Then, his response to the mess is to fire Wade. How does the team ever get out of this cycle with Jerry as the GM?

  88. lorie says:

    Time to get another puppet. Until jerry jones quits micro managing cowboys will always suck

  89. Disappointed Fan says:

    I think its time for Jerry’s family and friends to organize an intervention. This guy has a real problem. Not just a business problem, but a real mental disorder. How could one be so oblivious to their faults? We all have issues and sometimes live in denial, but this guy has an overwhelming number of credible people explaining that he is the problem with this franchise.
    Jerry Jones,
    Please step down as GM, shut your mouth and just sign the checks. That’s all we (the fans) need you for… you might even see an increase in fan base.


    Disappointed fan

  90. texas420 says:

    I think Jerry Jones should hire himself next year as the Coach..Then he can really see how much the team sucks under him as a Coach…Then he can fire himself

  91. Oscar says:

    You hit exactly on the problem. When does Jerry Jones fire himself? Coaches with decent track records have come through Dallas and left with a horrible record. Everyone knows Jerry is to blame and the coaches are just the ‘fall guy’ as previously commented. Word of advice for future coaches, if you come and coach here you will not exactly walk out in a ‘blaze of glory’.

  92. Leah says:

    I agree that Wade needed to be replaced, but his leaving will not solve the Cowboys problems…..and Garrett cant do it either. With a few exceptions, this team is totally lousy!! Garrett may be the coach from now on…..Dont think any self respecting coach will work for Jerry Jones. He is the main reason the Cowboys went from America’s Team… to Nobody Team!! Pity…..

  93. JN says:


  94. Rick McDaniel says:

    Still think Romo is wrong for the team.

  95. Chris says:

    No if Cowboy’s could find a different owner and get rid of Jerry, things would be great.

  96. Don says:

    I think the whole team should go away.

  97. Edna says:

    I feel sorry for Wade–he is the “fall guy”. Jerry’s behind the scenes coaching is the reason for the team’s lack of success. Too bad no one can fire him! He won’t find a progressive coach to come to Dallas–no one who can work somewhere else will put up with his B.S.

  98. Helen says:

    It doesn’t matter who Jerry Jones hires, if he’s not going to leave them alone to coach. He is his biggest hindrance. Let the coaches coach, stand back, and be the proud owner. Go Cowboys!

  99. Dee Munson says:

    It’s amazing to see the Dallas Media skirt the one question everyone wants to ask Jerry Jones. “When are you going to fire yourself? ” “When are you going to get it that you, Jerry Jones, are the problem.?” Your firing of Jimmy Johnson rooted totally on your jealousy was your first misstep of many many that came there after.
    Take a look in the mirror Jones – YOU are the problem – YOU need to go……

  100. Grande Soiree says:

    Did anyone else catch this: “Jones added that he and Garrett would be focusing on the final games of the season, and he expected to see an “extraordinary effort” out of the players to round out the season. “The facts are that I intend to do everything we can to have players play to win, and coaches coach to win,” Jones said.” Read between the lines, Jerry has been coaching the team. He needs to go be an owner and promoter. Hire someone to be the GM and do the coaching.

  101. sue johnson says:

    what we need is a owner who is that and hire someone else to manage and coach that is the biggest problem then maybe the high salatied players could just play jerry jones is not a nfl coach and he needs to be just a owner

  102. Larry says:

    Bill Cowher needs to be the next coach.He has two rings;he’s proven. The boys need help at QB;Romo isn’t the answer.Michaek Vick is a F.A. Bring him in.
    They have a great offense,they need a new dimension to it,which Vick will supply.If Cowher isn’t the coach,Mart Schottenheimer,or Brian Billick.

  103. lora donovan says:

    jerry jones, tony romo need to go, let the coaches coach. i liked the team when they had aikman and deion sanders.

  104. Leon T says:

    We need a coach that will tell Jones to Shut up and let him coach and Jones pays the bills. Players need to be put on wavers until they improve on and off the field.

  105. Rusty says:

    Jerry Jones has made 3 major mistakes that has cost the Cowboys their place in history.
    !. Firing Landry
    2.Getting rid of Johnson

    3. The worst… Thinking he is smart enough to coach. Leave the coaching to the pros and make your money.

  106. noe says:

    when jerry moved the cowboys from dallas to arlington he let the whole world know what he thought about the dallas fans. i am glad i am a houston texan fan and do not need to worry about my team leaving houston

    1. noe says:


  107. Ron says:

    Its too bad Wade got fired but as the head coach, he gets the blame. Funny thing is…if the Cowboys had done well. Jerry would probably take all the praise.

    Get out of your own way.

  108. Ted says:

    Hey, channel 11, get this sowboy c — off of being a lead story. Stick it at the end of the news so we can switch channels when you start on this garbage.

  109. dfwgambler says:

    Good riddance, but if Jason Garrett better just be interim and no more.

  110. Tom says:

    CanGarrett really do any worse? Don’t think so!

  111. Sue L says:

    I don’t believe it matters who Jerry Jones hires he still needs to fire one more person before this becomes a real team. He needs to fire his general manager can you see that happening. In any other sports league that would have already happen. Maybe Jerry needs to leave the coaching to the coaches and keep his coaching skills in his luxury suite or fire himself.

  112. B says:

    Get a rope.hang Garret, Phillips,Campo and other coaches from the giant tv screen inside Dallas stadium,),because of Jerry Jones and his mouth of the century, he places more stress on everyone on the team by making predictions of SuperBowl champs every year.., with a so so team,,which is not the Aikman,Smith, Ervins..teams of years pass..and the coaching really was horrible..bad offensive, defensive plays and the special teams is non existent..the only thing going for the Cowboys for them in the years to come, is the giant tv in their stadium and the cheerleaders..and Jones needs to stay out of coaching and cheerleading on the floor…and just keep his mouth shut..

  113. Stefi Thompson says:

    Move them to San Antonio or Austin, wait two years the start an Expansion team owned by someone who will just be an owner, Coached by a REAL coach with players that don’t make 10 times more than any other player in the league.

  114. Wade Phillips says:

    The Cowboys SUCK. Always have, always will–losers

  115. boyscout says:

    Isn’t it a shame when a group of people not taking care of their business decide that the nicest guy in the room is voted to take the fall for their underachievement. IT happens a lot in our society.

  116. d says:

    They wont do nothing with kitna back there. Look what he did in Detroit

  117. Willie Bumpass says:

    I would like to see Tony Dungy (especially) or Bill Cowher as the head coach but they probably won’t take the job because Jerry Jones will not relinguish total control to them. The one coach that might be able to work under Jerry’s conditions is John Gruden. Either of the three will definitely get the job done even if they had to fire some unproductive players. If you don’t produce on a 40 hrs. a week job, the boss will fire your but. Why don’t the NFL owners have the same power. Are you powerless?

Comments are closed.

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