Phillips Out As Cowboys Coach

Wally Lynn for 105.3 The Fan

Irving (105.3 The Fan) Jerry read a brief statement along the following lines:

“A decision has been made to move forward with Jason Garrett as interim head coach effective immediately.  We’re grateful to Wade and his contributions to leading us to two division titles.  We’re not where we want to be at this time. We all share responsibility in this, all of this.  This is something I was reluctant to consider as late as this past week.  I addressed the team, very brief, and pointed….this is not an admission of defeat or finality.  We have eight remaining and the goal is the same in each one….we want players who want to win.  Winning players and winning games will be the criteria moving forward.”

Jerry went on to say that this team is in “need of a culture change”  and that he believes Garrett can bring that.
I will say this.  If you are looking for fire and brimstone, you are not going to get that from Jason Garrett.  He is a Princeton University graduate, very x’s and o’s.  Now we will see whether there will actually be a different look to the offense.  I doubt it.  He was already calling the plays.

“There was alot of me in denial for at least the last couple of ball games, but where we are right now is that we have got to be able to do what everybody does in the NFL, which is get a defense that can slow them down.” said Owner/GM Jerry Jones

That job will now fall to defensive line coach Paul Pasqualoni.  He has most of his experience at the college level where he put in 29 years, including 14 years as head coach at Syracuse.   He also had a stint with the Dolphins in 2008-09 before coming back to Dallas after a previous run here in 2005-07.

Jones went on to say that he is expecting extraordinary effort the final 8 games and that Garrett will be in position to extend his interim deal based on the “success” of the team moving forward.  That is the wild card in the equation.  How are we going to measure Jason’s success with a bad football team.  Jerry kept coming back to effort, but “effort” has netted them all of a 1-7 record so far.

Wade Phillips was not at the press briefing.  He was told this morning and the Cowboys moved forward on it at around 1:45 pm.  Jason Garrett is expected to speak with the media shortly.

In a release from Wade Phillips:

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the fans of the Cowboys and to the entire Jones family for all of the support that we received here in Dallas. I would also like to thank our coaches and players for their loyalty and dedication.

“I told the team today that I have been proud to be a part of their family, and that will never change.  I have enjoyed the privilege and responsibility of representing this franchise as its head coach.

“I am disappointed in the results of this season to this point, but I am also very proud of what our team and our players accomplished in the previous three years.  In good times and difficult times, our players stuck together and never lost hold of their belief in each other and the strong team bond that they have shared.   Family and coaching football have always defined my life and I will always be grateful for my experiences here with the Dallas Cowboys.”

Wally Lynn covers the Dallas Cowboys for 105.3 The Fan

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One Comment

  1. rodney says:

    The fireing is understandable and to bad becaUSE pHILLIPS IS A VERY GOOD MAN AND FOOTBALL MAN,BUT WHY KEEP gARRETT too who is part of the problem?

    1. Tom says:

      You may be right, but are you sure that Garrett is part of the problem? I think the biggest part of the problem is that we have too many overpaid divas that want to be the star and not a participating member in the team. We need to reward the team players and not the shooting stars, who all too often fizzle out in the long run!

  2. Braniff Surtees says:

    There’s a coach who had success in Lubbock; his teams are exciting and winners. He is available,

    1. Raider Fan says:

      Love that idea!!!!!

    2. Tom says:

      Oh my God! Didn’t we learn from Barry? An idiot who manages to become a head coach in the college ranks may not be a big enough idiot to coach in the NFL! Why no start looking for someone with coaching experience in the pros?

  3. mary says:

    the players also get paid to do their jobs, they obuiously aren’t doing it. I feel the plsyers
    aren’t that great, Do they have to be lead by their hand. I feel bad for Phillps

  4. Indygirl says:

    Too little, too late……

  5. joe says:

    good luck COACH,we need you here in houston joe merchant

  6. PAUL says:

    i think that stephen McGee should be given a chance to play. What will it matter now?

  7. Sid says:

    I don’t think this is the answer.
    The cowboys will never improve with the existing general manager. He should go then hire some one equal to Tex.
    Also, when is the NFL going to start cutting the players pay for sub par performance instead of firing good coaches? They would be able lower the cost of tickets,if they would, & improve the fans respect for players and owners.

  8. Raider Fan says:

    I agree with Braniff Surtees. Good bye Wade, Hello Leach. Maybe we need some pirate action in Dallas.

  9. fra says:

    The change should be at the GM position, we need a person that needs to be 100% concentrate and that know the inside of the football.

  10. Charlie says:

    I think that mr. jones fired the wrong one. he should look in the mirror and fire that person. maybe someday there will be a leader for the boys.

  11. Robert says:

    Jerry has always wanted to coach – he should coach for the balance of the season and get it out of his blood. Might be good for all…….

    1. Tom says:

      Do you really believe that a man with Jerry’s ego could “get it out of his system” in just 8 games. We would be stuck with that until he bankrupted himself!

  12. mike yale says:

    am i missing something here??/ jason was calling the plays that the cowboys could not score points with, looks like to me jason should of been the one out the door.

  13. Sharyn Finnegan says:

    Every sports franchise has a general manager. When a team is failing the GM is usually the first to get axed and in this case it would be Jerry Jones. He needs to fire himself from this position as he has obviously never allowed any coach to be the coach.

  14. JN says:


  15. Jane Mansell Clark says:

    Mr. Jones,

    i F you hire Jason Garrett as head coach, that will be A BIG MISTAKE.

    He is the big problem.

    Clean house and start over !!!! Please.

    Bob Clark Arlington, Tx. 76012

  16. Larry of Arlington says:

    Good Job Jerry and thanks for firing wade he had lost it and the fans and players knew it. but there’s one more person that has to go and that’s Jason Garrett and both safties, Martelus Porn Bennett fresh new corner backs including high priced Terrance Newman Who cant intercept a ball if his life dependend on it and other High Priced No value Players with no GUTS that smile and laugh when they miss plays all MUST GO.

    Go JERRY GO PS: Aikman , Irvin, or Smith Would Make a Great Dallas Head Coach

  17. Tom says:

    I never thought I would be supporting Jerry, but he did the right thing. It has to be very hard on a team to change coaches in mid stream. By falling back, as it were to Garrett, he gives the team a head coach with whom they are already familiar and gives Garrett a chance to show us what, if anything, he can do with this team. I mean, lets face it, he really can’t spoil the season at this point, can he? If he doesn’t show us (and Jerry) that he is capable, the Cowboys can come back next season with a new head coacxh. What they really need is a new G.M. Jeryy is the woner, but he has hired an idiot to be his G.M.

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